Say Goodbye to Coke Zero

America has something new to look forward to from Coke, or do they?

The soda-making giant Coca-Cola has decided to pull the plug on Coke Zero and replace it with a brand new soda: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.


This new name is intended to make clearer that the drink has really no sugar and that comes with a new recipe that should make the drink taste more like regular Coke.

Looking at the two drinks, they both have mostly black packaging, but Coca-Cola Zero Sugar sports the iconic red Coca-Cola disc.



So, what’s the difference between Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar?

One is, they are both sugar-free alternatives to Diet Coke, but as mentioned above Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is said to taste more like original Coke. They both have the black and red standard colors of the brand but with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, red is more prominent.

Coca-Cola said they wanted to be as “clear and descriptive as possible” in the name change to make sure consumers knew the drink was sugar-free.

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Unknown to most of us, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has already been a hit in 25 markets around the world which includes Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. This new drink will come to America this August and it might be coming to Asia very soon.

All photos grabbed from the Coca Cola Website and Business Insider.

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