Scrumptious Buffet at the Café Rizal of Rizal Park Hotel



The historic building that was once was the Army Navy Club has been transformed to an elegant hotel that offers world class accommodation in the heart of Manila – Rizal Park Hotel.


This hotel retains the classic architecture and ambiance of the historic site while adding state of the art facilities that makes it a perfect destination for tourists and locals alike.


The Rizal Park Hotel not only treats us to top notch hotel accommodation and a unique experience of the history of Manila but also gives us a wonderful experience of a sumptuous cuisine through Café Rizal.


Serving a myriad of our favourite Pinoy dishes plus a wide selection of international cuisine, Café Rizal would absolutely satisfy all of your cravings with their festive all-day dining. They serve a hearty full-course meal from appetizer to dessert, so it’s definitely a one-stop shop for your palate.





Before you get drowned with the wide selection of cuisine that Café Rizal has to offer, here are some of the crowd-favorite dishes that you definitely have to have on your plates.


Prime Rib Steak

Meat lovers, fasten your seatbelts as this amazing dish would definitely take you for a gastronomical ride.  Juicy and oozing with flavour with every bite, be sure not to miss this amazing dish.


Salt and Pepper King Crabs

Another one of the dishes you should definitely check out is their Salt and Pepper King Crabs. It is savory, with a fun mixture of sweet garlicky taste and a tinge of spicy flavour.  It is a favourite among patrons of the café so don’t be surprised that this dish runs out fast, fortunately the attentive and swift servers would refill it immediately.


Lechon Paella

Lechon and paella in one dish? It was my first time hearing about this great cuisine fusion but I am even more surprised but how amazing it tastes. This sumptuous dish would definitely keep you coming back for more.
These mouth-watering dishes are just some of the myriad of delectable cuisines that you can enjoy in Café Rizal.  From your favourite dimsum dishes,  pasta and other pinoy-favorite viands, to sweet and tasty desserts, everything that you are craving for are just within reach. So if you want to have a taste of Manila’s rich history, be sure to also treat yourself to a taste of the sumptuous dishes being served at Café Rizal.

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Cafe’ Rizal of Rizal Park Hotel

Address: Rizal Park Hotel, South Road Drive,T.M. Kalaw Extension, Ermita, Manila
Contact Number: 02 8048700, +63 9276681925

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