Seda Nuvali’s Misto really went all out on our dinner

By now you probably know about our stay at Seda Nuvali. If not, then let us give you more details about it, specifically the dinner we had with them. Seda Nuvali really knows how to more than just keep their guests happy and satisfied through comfort, because their all-day dining restaurant, Misto, is also working alongside them to provide their guests a flavorful feast time and time again. 

Pumpkin Soup

Seriously, we are all hands down for Misto and all the food they have brought to our table every time we had a meal with them, because we truly admired and delighted in each one of them. For our dinner, we began with their Pumpkin Soup. Don’t you just love starting your meal with something that’s like an embrace? Because we do, and Misto’s Pumpkin Soup really gave us that warm and tasty comfort that we are looking for in a soup. 

Shrimp Alfredo
Vegetable Pasta

After enjoying their Pumpkin Soup, we then moved onto a few of their pasta dishes. We had their Roast Beef Pasta, their Shrimp Alfredo, and their Vegetable Pasta. Do not even dare ask us what we liked the best because it’s just so hard to choose. We honestly just kept on going for round after round after round on all of them until all they were were empty plates. 

From pastas, we then devoured the main dish they have prepared for us. Their Crispy Garlic Chicken really lives up to its name and eating it was just a delicious journey we always love reminiscing about. Plus, this comes with thick cut potatoes so this gets an extra clap from us! We are potato fans, that’s why! 

No Bake Cheesecake

For dessert, Misto brought us their must-try, must-have No Bake Cheesecake. This was absolutely mouthwatering and we just were not able to stop ourselves from just digging in. It was so homey and luscious at the same time, and right now, we wish we live near Seda Nuvali so we could have it occasionally. 

Skewers (Beef Satay, Seafood, and Chicken)
Salmon Pesto in Pocket Pastry

Just when we thought we were already done, Misto of Seda Nuvali surprised us with more scrumptious bombs to enjoy. They served us their Skewers which include Beef Satay, Seafood, and Chicken; as we all as their Salmon Pesto in Pocket Pastry. These two savory dishes really gave us something to dream about, we are telling you. 

Mango Tapioca

Lastly, we also got a fill of their Mango Tapioca. This is such a refreshing ender that has that subtle yet delectable sweetness to it, and you guys know we are all for sweets! 

Once again, Seda Nuvali kept their promise of a seamless and delish stay with them by making sure we had a wonderful dinner hosted by their very own Misto. Know more about Misto and Seda Nuvali by visiting Seda Nuvali’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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