Select McDonald’s Stores finally sell ready-to-cook McDo Chicken, Mcdo Nuggets, and More!

Have you noticed your feed lately? If not full of memes, it’s full of food. Don’t even deny it! Everyone is now a #shef this quarantine. Apparently, people now have more time their hands to explore something they have always wanted do or learn a skill they have always wanted to have – and one of those skills is none other than cooking. It’s not a surprise really since everyone either needs food or wants it, right? But then again, with people locked up in their houses, cravings still can’t be avoided and if there’s one thing people crave for – it’s McDonald’s!

Photo by McDonald’s

McDonald’s is undeniably a household name already. Growing up, it has been a part of people’s ups and downs – from celebrating a birthday to experiencing a breakup, name it and it probably happened at McDonald’s. And with that, people have sure enjoyed McDonald’s products at least once in their life, right? Wrong, because they certainly have enjoyed it at least more than that!

Photo by McDonald’s
Photo by McDonald’s

If that quarantine had got people thinking of when will they ever be having McDonald’s again, then the answer is now, because MCDonald’s is finally selling ready-to-cook chicken parts and their oh-so-addicting chicken nuggets! Yes, you did read that right. No one is fooling you. McDonald’s Philippines has heard to cries of the people and is now ready to satisfy their craving this quarantine season as frozen cook-it-yourself packs of their products are now available in selected stores via drive-thru and take-out. Their Chicken Nuggets is Php 454 per 1.1kg./pack, their Original Marinated Chicken Cuts is at Php 219 per 10 pcs./pack, and their Spicy Marinated Chicken Cuts is at Php 219 per 10 pcs./pack. This offer is good until supplies last, so you better stock up real quick! For updates, check out the McDonald’s Philippines Facebook page.

Do check out this list of stores offering these yummies, so you would know what McDonald’s store is nearest to you!

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Photo by McDonald’s

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