Señor Pansit: Home of the Original Pansit Fiesta Overload

Said to make life longer, Pansit really has established itself as a party food when it comes to Filipino events. With that, Pansit also has been a staple even on normal days as it has indeed grown to be a part of every household too. There’s just something about Pansit that makes a normal day special and more fun.

You don’t believe us? Oh, well then, you have got to check out Señor Pansit which is the home of the Original Pansit Fiesta Overload! Although, this one is not really the usual pansit, Señor Pansit also has a ton of Pansit options for you to choose from.

But then again, if you want to get a taste of their highlight dish, then it’s their Pansit Fiesta Overload for you!

Señor Pansit’s Pansit Fiesta Overload (Pho 1399) comes in Canton, Bihon, or a combination of both, and is good for 10 to 12 people. Plus, this one is not all pansit, because what you are going to have is beyond that. Alongside pansit, you will be able to snatch some chicken, siomai, lechon kawali, bbq, beef sisig, bola bola, and shanghai rolls too!

Truly, the word Overload in its name is not just something they threw in there to make it interesting. This one is indeed overloaded with not just pansit, but a whole lot more of classic Pinoy food that sure are enjoyable and delicious as well.

However, if you think their Pansit Fiesta Overload is too big for your gathering, then you could opt to have their Barkada Pansit Fiesta Sampler (Php 550) instead. This one is good for only 4 to 5 people, but this also has all the other snackable items and savory dishes that the Pansit Fiesta Overload has too.

To find out more about Señor Pansit and the scrumptious work they are doing, you can drop by their Facebook and Instagram Pages; and of course, if you have any questions or you are ready to order, just hit them up on their inbox as well.

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