Serenitea x Carmen’s Best: Summer’s Perfect Indulgence

We Filipinos are always on the lookout for something new – new things, new taste, and new experiences. That’s the reason why we embraced a lot of food and drink innovations over the past decades. One of the things we truly love and enjoy until now is the milk tea craze. There are a lot of milk tea places in the market currently, but one of the leading brands that Filipinos love is Serenitea.

Serenitea opened its first store in San Juan in December 2008. It was the first tea place in the Philippines to introduce brewing of tea using an espresso machine. Since then, Serenitea continues to be the country’s top tea shop by providing its customers quality and customizable drinks.

In celebration of Serenitea’s 10th year anniversary, it partnered with Carmen’s Best to provide everyone the best treats this summer – milk tea ice cream and ice cream milk tea. Yes, they’re two different things!

Photo from Serenitea

Milk Tea Ice Cream

Carmen’s Best released two 2 new flavors this month – Hokkaido Milk Tea Ice Cream and Okinawa Milk Tea Ice Cream. These flavors are inspired by the best-selling milk tea drinks in Serenitea. These are exclusively being sold in selected Serenitea branches only.

We were lucky to have tasted these treats during the product’s launch earlier this month. We love both flavors! The Okinawa Milk Tea Ice cream has very pronounced tea flavor with hints of brown sugar taste. The Hokkaido Milk Tea, on the other hand is more on the sweet side because of its caramel flavor. We are actually fans of these drinks in Serenitea and we can attest that the ice cream version is spot on.

Be sure to get these concoctions before July 2018!

image5 (1)
Ice cream

Ice Cream Milk Tea

Serenitea and Carmen’s Best have another surprise to all their fans this summer – Make Your Own Ice Cream Milk Tea.

Both brands know that today’s generation of consumers not only look for good eats and drinks but also for great experience. Keeping this in mind, they conceptualized this year’s COOL SUMMER TREAT PROMO.

image1 (2)
image2 (2)
DIY scoop of ice cream


  • Make your own milk tea promo will run weekly every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday starting May 3, 2018 until July 2018.
  • The promo will run four branches at a time every week. First four branches to launch this promo are San Juan, Banawe, SM Mega Mall, and SM Clark. For the details on the schedule of other branches, check their website and other social media accounts.
  • Salted Caramel Ice Cream will be available during Make Your Own Milk Tea event.
  • Price starts at Php 200.

We’ve tried making our own milk tea creation using Serenitea’s Tick Card. Everything is customizable – the tea base, ice cream, milk, and of course even the sweetness level and sinkers. Do you want to see our pick? See our tick card below.

image3 (1)
Tick Card

Our verdict? Of course we love it!!! The salted caramel ice cream went well with our tea choice. We love every sip and we can’t wait for others to try it. For us it’s not just our drink, it’s our creation. It’s our Serenitea masterpiece

image4 (2)
We asked them to put our drink to our customized tumbler.

Be sure to check the newest offerings of Serenitea and Carmen’s Best. We’re sure you’ll love them – like we truly did!

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