Serving good food from the casserole to your plate, Hukad brings Cebu’s finest to the Metro

Welcoming you with warmth and glee, surely Hukad will give you a feast every time you dine with them.


Serving Filipino dishes that will definitely snatch your hearts and bring your palate back to fun-filled memories with friends and moments of preciousness and closeness with family, Hukad will no doubt be a fave place of not only the barkada, but the familia as well, if it is not already.


With friendly and accommodating staff and great food at an affordable price all housed in a splendid vibe that would make you feel at home, what more are you looking for that Hukad can’t give you? Continuously gaining loyal diners, we got to see first-hand what it is with Hukad that people keep coming back to.


A favorite of many, especially by regular customers who even said every time they eat here, there is no way they are not to order this first dish, the Baked Bantayan Scallops (Php 265), needless to say, a must try and is undeniably a fresh way to start this happy foodventure we are to embark on once more as these are fresh Bantayan Island’s scallops topped with special cheese.


One from Hukad Simply Souperb dishes, the Baby Prawns Sinigang (Php 335) is truly a hearty bowl of a famous Filipino stew as this one is Sinigang made more irresistible being a seafood version!


As Hukad is actually proudly Cebu, what makes them truly Cebuano is their Ngohiong (5 pcs Php 170) which is said to be a Cebuano’s favorite street food. As many might not be familiar with what Ngohiong is, aside from it being a famous street food in Cebu, it actually is like a spring roll with vegetables that are harvested fresh from their garden and brought straight to their kitchen where their chefs prepare it just the way people like it.


With Hukad highlighting not only Cebuano dishes, but Filipino dishes as a whole, of course this next dish won’t be absent from this meal time of ours. The Lechon Belly de Cebu is one of the things Cebu is actually famous for – crispy on the outside and juicy, tender, and so flavorful pork belly meat on the inside, this one is hands a favorite!


Following that with another meaty dish from Hukad, their Grilled Back Ribs, which you can get either in regular size or family size, is absolutely something to look forward to if you will be dining in for the first time and something to keep coming back to if you will be dining in again here.


For more meat dishes galore, check out and try the Chicken Pandan. This one is an order of aromatic pandan-wrapped chicken bites deep fried to perfection. Every bite of this is just so heavenly especially because the pandan adds a really great scent and taste to the crisp, soft chicken meat.


And of course, from Hukad’s Seafood selection, we suggest the Sizzling Bangus ala Pobre – grilled bangus topped with ala pobre sauce, served in a sizzling platter that is just oh so good!


As dessert, Budbud Turon is part of Hukad’s Sweet Somethings selection. This delicacy seems to be a distinct kind of suman as it is wrapped with spring roll paper, deep fried until golden brown, drizzled with some sweet, heavenly sauce, and topped with a bit of rice crispies.

Be sure to not miss out on Hukad if you are on the hunt for some tasty Filipino dishes, especially if you want to get to try some of Cebu’s best dishes without stopping everything you need to do and flying to Cebu just for your palate to try something new!

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