Serving more than just a dream in a cup – Vintage Brew Café turns your sweet fantasies into delectable realities!

Started as a dream, now they are here – that is how the Vintage Brew Café was founded by a solid friendship of three. The trio is all lovers of food and coffee and so they were inspired to build their own café. As their dream has finally came true, each one of them is trying their best in being hands on.

Their menu was conceptualized by all three of them, while the drinks have gone through some thorough research so as to provide the best cup they could give to their customers. Ninety percent of the ingredients for drinks are imported, while fifty percent in the talks of food.

The owners really made the place gorgeous and definitely eye-catching – “instagrammable”, that is how they word it. Chairs were custom-made, some furniture and fixture were even bought abroad, and same goes with their cutleries. They also have books in the café because what better place to read in than a quiet, cozy place like Vintage Brew Café, right?

With this being the owners once idea of a place best to chill in, and now a reality that they have every day, their reason and their patrons’ reason for coming back is satisfying, delectable food, partnered with delicious drinks.

Now, as we enter the place, we could not agree more on how instagrammable this café really is – with chairs in hues of blue, soft couches, pristine tables, and beautiful details wrapping the whole cafe like a gift, no wonder people feel cozy and comfy here.


As the sun is about set, our eyelids are getting heavier by the second as well so we first tried out Vintage Brew Café’s Mochaccino which gives off a chocolatey aroma we surely love!


Following that is more chocolatey fun! A cup of Hot Coco Mallows will give you feels of early Christmas morning with your loved ones, with presents opened, and with everything just sparkling.


After having some cups of wake up call, we munched on with some of Vintage Brew Café’s scrumptious dishes; starting with their Pasta Carbonara, that is topped with ham, mushrooms, slathered with carbonara sauce, and served with garlic bread.


After having that yummy pasta dish, what’s next is their Cheeseburger & Fries – the perfect pair for a promise of greasy, drool-worthy fun. This one is of beef patty, lettuce, cucumber, cheese & seasoned with ketchup and mayonnaise.


The next dish is something luscious from their All Day Breakfast selection, the Beef Tapa. This one reminded us of our family breakfast in our province wherein our grandmother serves us all those tasty recipes of hers as we, with our cousins, really enjoyed each dish while catching up with each other.


Speaking of everyone being in one table, sharing; here is a pica-pica you definitely take pleasure in every bite over a conversation with friends – the Nacholand. Nacho chips, ground meat, cheese sauce, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers, this one is no doubt loaded of flavor and fun texture!


Another dish that would be great for sharing is Vintage Brew Café’s Vintage Pizza. Topped with tender ground meat, lots of mozzarella cheese, and crunchy veggies, you will be eating more than one slice, so why don’t you order two of that? *winks*


This dish we are about to gobble down again is another from their All Day Breakfast selection, the Vintage Burrito. This one is eggs and bacon wrap and garnished with mayo and cheese sauce – this is great for those people looking for some cheesy adventure!

After having savory meals, our next two are finally desserts – Salted Caramel Cheesecake and Toblerone Cheesecake!



First is the Salted Caramel Cheesecake – it’s the perfect blend of sweet, salty, cheesy, and creamy goodness. The hint of saltiness to this cheesecake will make you want to have more in every bite.


Following this is Vintage Brew Café’s Toblerone Cheesecake. Toblerone has always been a chocolate in our refrigerator back when I was a kid as it was a favorite of our grandfather so having this brought back so many fun-filled childhood memories.

With all those appetizing dishes, it’s just right to have equally delightful drinks that would no doubt satisfy your sweet tooth, and maybe even give you some sugar rush!


The next will surely give you the feeling of being on cloud nine. With having the drink that is Cloud Nine, you really splurge on some creamy quest in every drink.


Following this is their Hot Matchita – this one is going to make matcha lovers crazy as this one is no doubt lip-smacking good.


If you want some iced coffee, Vintage Brew Coffee has some for you – this one in particular even has a special twist for you to enjoy! The Cereal Latte will give you that pump in your veins and that crunch for extra fun.

With all that binging and splurging, these last two drinks are actually a favorite of and a recommendation from the owners – Nutella Dream and Galaxy Milkyway!


If you are a chocoholic like us, then you are probably a Nutella fan as well! This dessert in a glass called Nutella Dream will certainly make you think twice if you really are having a dream.


Lastly, a bestseller of Vintage Brew Café is the Galaxy Milkyway – another drink and dessert all rolled into one. With chocolatey and milky taste, this is a sweet, cold adventure we are not going to think twice in embarking on!

With all these dishes and drinks oozing with different flavors, each unique in its own way, you will probably be surprised when we tell you that they are still even trying to play more with their offerings. Adding more scrumptious food choices and yummy drinks that would liven you up, hands down, Vintage Brew Café will have your heart in no time!

Address: 40-10 Don Placido Campos Avenue, Dasmariñas, 4114 Cavite

Hours of Operation: 11AM to 11PM

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