Serving Spanish Colonial Cuisine, relish in a Spanish Banquet at Cazuela Manila

Demanding to be noticed with orange chairs and drapes, bright name sign, and glass doors that give you a peek of what fun they have inside, Cazuela, is actually highlighting Spanish Colonial Cuisine, which as ironic as this may sound, feels a bit personal and homey. Showcasing dark but at the same time warm lighting, this restaurant has a second floor ready to take on the challenge to make a hungry crowd a happy crowd.

Serving Spanish dishes with an attentive staff and crew that have a good grasp of their menu, you can ask them what you can try out and they will give you some recommendations you will most likely delight in, especially if it is your first time here and is up for an adventure.

For us, Cazuela prepared, cooked, and served a really tasty Spanish banquet, if you may; starting with their delicious Shrimp Cocktail that is made with shrimps cooked a la plancha with romesco cocktail sauce. This one really got me digging for more because I totally love shrimps!

Following that with some meat dish called Lamb Chops which is grilled chopped lamb meat served with sweet potato mash together with butter seared vegetables. This one is an aromatic dish that would really fill your tummy good.

As if Cazuela knew that we feel like having some carbs, they had us eat Pasta Negra which is spaghettini tossed in sautéed squid ink and a medley of seafood. Surely, this meal is another favorite of mine because it truly checked two boxes on my fave food list – pasta and seafood!

Making me even happier than I already am, we had Mejillones ala Adobo Filipino which is local mussels cooked in garlic loaded adobo sauce, mushroom & chorizo salad. Cazuela just seems to be dropping lots of favorite on our table.

Looking for some crunch fun, Mushroom and Chorizo Salad is what we found as this one is made with mixed greens, topped with pan roasted mushrooms, chorizo bits, and local white cheese. I, actually, am a fan of veggies. Thanks to my grandma, I have loved vegetables ever since I was a kid, and so having this salad was such a delight for me!

After that, Cazuela placed on our table a staple to every Filipino meal – a rice dish. Paella Cazuella is Cazuela’s take on the classic paella valenciana. This one is hands down not only a lovely dish to eat, but also a dish so good and satisfying.

For something easy to eat which you can eat by hand, Cazuela has Croquettas Trio which we undeniably enjoyed. I mean with three different kinds of Croquettas (Croquettas de Manchego, Croquetteas de Pollo, and Croquettas de Bacalao), who wouldn’t, right?

The next dish is another meatastic one as this one is called Hanger Steak. It is grilled hanger steak cooked to medium and served with tortilla. Every mouthful of the tender, flavorful meat really goes well with the lovely tortilla.

Another dish that comes in three is Cazuela’s Tabla de Longganisa which is a trio of homemade sausages or longganisa that comes in garlic, spicy, and smoked hamonado. Munch on whatever variant you want and we are sure you will have a great time.

This upcoming dish is like an innovation to the usual savory ribs we are familiar with; Short Ribs con Chocolate is braised beef short ribs in deep dark red wine and chocolate reduction, served with sweet potato mash.

Ending this Spanish banquet with a delectable dessert that has given us that much glee is no other than Cazuela’s Tablea Cake which is moist, dense chocolate cake made with their local chocolate tablea. Oozing with chocolatey fun, this dessert has the right sweetness that made every forkful more than heavenly!

We cannot deny how much we didn’t just enjoy, but also loved this Spanish banquet prepared by Cazuela just for us, hence here we are, inviting you to visit them so you could take pleasure in every Cazuela dish you have chosen and share to us what your favorites are as well!

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Facebook: Cazuela
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Address: Sapphire Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0995 551 0424

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM to 2PM, 5AM to 2AM, Closed on Sundays

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  1. You should try their baby squid sautéed in garlic. A perfect pairing with any of their house wines.

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