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By now you have probably realized that it has been more than a year and it seems like we are not going back to our pre-pandemic life anytime soon. Days are getting tougher and living has somehow turned into surviving; and as saddening and frustrating that sounds, we, people, still have to push ourselves everyday, to keep our sanity and stay afloat — and we are not even sugarcoating this, but it is hard.

With that out there, one of the things that actually keep us at least a-okay is, if it isn’t that obvious yet, food. Oh, how we love food! Our love for food just keeps on growing everyday — it’s really one of the major things that makes things manageable; somehow it gives us hope. And as much as the outside is still kind of a forbidden place, we have found ways into bringing food to us rather than us going out for food.

Whatever we really need we can get with just a few clicks — food, groceries, medicine, anything really! The possibilities are endless, especially now that a lot of physical stores have a digital platform as well, much like these 7 Pabili Service apps we have stumbled upon:

GrabExpress Pabili

Grab Philippines is now more than just a ride booking and dispatching service as they have a number of other services that we could avail depending on what we need. Need some items? Got some errands? GrabExpress Pabili has our back!

Photo from Grab Philippines

How to Use GrabExpress Pabili:

  1. Launch the Grab app
  2. Choose the Pabili option
  3. Add the shop location
  4. Add items and the estimated cost
  5. Choose the ride service that fits your needs and budget
  6. Confirm and book

Do take note that the estimated price of your ordered items is important as this will help your driver to prepare enough money; and that your order should not exceed Php 2000.

Angkas Pabili

Angkas is a motorcycle ride-hailing platform perfect for people on the rush as they provide mobility in traffic-congested roads. Although, they are now more than that too, as they also have a Pabili service which we can use to buy food, essential needs, and other items without us actually going out.

Photo from Angkas

How to use Angkas Pabili:

  1. Launch the Angkas app
  2. Select the Angkas Pabili option
  3. Type in your chosen merchant on the pick-up point and type in your delivery address on the drop-off point
  4. In the Notes to Biker section, type in the items that you want to purchase. Just make sure to indicate the order value and how much money you have for change if you are opting for cash-on-delivery.
  5. Confirm and book

Remember that Angkas is observing and practicing social distancing, so no-contact interaction will be implemented. This means that they will place your order on the seat of their motorcycle or at your door step and then move back to a safe distance.

JoyRide Pabili

JoyRide is another motorcycle ride-hailing app that has started to offer its pabili service to people so as the users could book drivers and buy their needs and wants without going outside. With JoyRide Pabili service, users will be able to order food, groceries, medicines, and other necessities.

Photo from JoyRide

How to Use JoyRide Pabili Service:

  1. Launch the JoyRide app
  2. Select their Pabili service
  3. Set the pick-up point which is your chosen store and then set the drop-off point which is your delivery address
  4. Type in the items you want to purchase alongside the price of each and the total amount on the Item Order List; and then click Done
  5. On the Notes section, enter your handling instructions, location details, store contact details, and other reminders you want to tell your rider; and then click Done
  6. Confirm your booking and wait

Keep in mind that the maximum weight per transaction is 20 kg and the maximum dimension is 17 x 15 x 10 inches and your order should not exceed Php 2000. Also, all items purchased through the JoyRide Pabili service are insured up to Php 2000.

Lalamove Purchase Service

Lalamove is a fast on-demand courier delivery service that could help users deliver parcels from one location to another. However, their services have also now expanded as they now have a Purchase Service which is basically a shopping assistance that fits with the demands of busy customers.

Photo by Lalamove

How to Use Lalamove Purchase Service:

  1. Launch the Lalamove App
  2. Choose motorcycle
  3. Input your store of choice and your delivery location
  4. Tap Purchase Service which is under the Additional Services section
  5. Schedule your delivery at least 30 minutes in advance or book it immediately
  6. Provide your order details such as the things you want to be bought in your chosen store
  7. Place your order and wait for a driver to be assigned on your order
  8. Track delivery

Remember to keep your orders under Php 2000 and 20 kilos.


MOVE IT conveniently enables the booking and provision of a variety of on-demand services between customers and duly accredited service providers all in one easy and hassle-free platform — their commercial mobile app. One of their services is BUY FOR ME which allows customers to buy items for them.

Photo by MOVE IT

How to Use MOVE IT BUY FOR ME Service:

  1. Launch the MOVE IT app
  2. Click on the Delivery/Pabili icon
  3. Select Pabili
  4. Set the pick-up location
  5. Type in your delivery details and order list, and then click Save.
  6. Confirm your booking and wait for a rider to accept your request
  7. Use the in-app chart or call feature to provide any additional details or instructions for your rider

For MOVE IT BUY FOR ME Service, they have a limit of up to a maximum of Php 1000 for each transaction, and that the minimum service charge is Php 120 plus Php 7 per kilometer. From 10PM to 6AM, though, the service charge rate is Php 140 plus Php 8 per kilometer.

MrSpeedy Pabili

MrSpeedy is one of the many same-day delivery service providers that people rely on as they are available 24/7, including their Pabili Service which can be booked through their Mobile App or Website. Orders for their Pabili Service can be scheduled in advance as purchased items can also be sent to multiple addresses in one transaction.

Photo from MrSpeedy Philippines

How to Use MrSpeedy Pabili Service:

  1. Launch the MrSpeedy app or go to MrSpeedy website and access the Order Form
  2. Choose the delivery time your prefer
  3. Pick the vehicle type you prefer as well as an estimated package weight that is up to 5, 10, or 20 kilograms
  4. Set your pick-up and drop-off locations, and enter the details needed for each
  5. Click on Additional Services and then select Pabili Service
  6. List the items you are to purchase on the Item Description field
  7. Click Place Order

Items purchased via MrSpeedy Pabili service should not exceed 20 kilograms in weight, and their rate is Php 60 for the first kilometer plus Php 6 per next kilometer.

MyKuya App

MyKuya is #YourHelpingHandOnDemand, as they say. This is the go-to-app for people who need to run different errands, much like booking a personal shopper — a Kuya or an Ate — that will buy items for you and deliver them right at your doorstep. MyKuya has partnered with a number of retail giants such as SM, Robinsons, and even Ayala Malls plus more than a hundred establishments.

Photo from MyKuya

How to Use MyKuya Pabili Service:

  1. Lauch MyKuya mobile or web app
  2. Select the service you want to avail and then pick a specific partner establishment located near you or you can also click the Pabili Service if you like to buy somewhere else
  3. Set the pick-up and drop-off locations
  4. Estimate and choose how long the task will take as the app will show a minimum time which you can actually adjust or just leave at that
  5. Add any reminders or instructions for your Kuya or Ate
  6. Click Request Now
  7. Once your booking is confirmed, you can chat the assigned Kuya or Ate for anything else through the app

MyKuya App Pabili Service rates start at Php 49 per 30 minutes. TIme is measured on MyKuya App Pabili service, because you can actually request your assigned Kuya or Ate to buy from multiple stores in one booking. Such a convenient way to go for, really!

As we have said earlier, days might be getting tough, but with us having the privilege to actually stay home and have things delivered at our doorstep rather than risk our health and safety by going out and doing errands and groceries, these Pabili Services are truly a big help in lightening the heaviness that we might be experiencing. There is no doubt and no denying that these services make our lives easier, so let’s make the job of our riders, ates, and kuyas easier too.

Let’s keep in mind that they are essential workers and they too are worried for their health and safety, but this is their job, their source of living, so let’s avoid canceling our orders or changing any details, provide clean and concise instructions, and also provide a landmark and tip them, if possible.

Not only that, them doing your errands for you is already a big thing and that the price shown only covers the delivery fee for your rider’s, ate’s, or kuya’s time and effort, so you, as a customer, have to shoulder any additional costs relevant to the purchase such as parking fees incurred, processing fees needed, among other things. Let’s just all be kind, courteous, and understanding of each other’s situation.

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