Show your romantic side with Amaze and Graze – by Chef Marj

We do have a romantic bone in our body. We love going on an intimate eat out with our special someone from time to time. However, since safety has been a priority, we have gone out less than we used to. But then again, that did not stop us from having some romance in our lives, because we decided to bring into our homes the intimate dates we often do outside.

One thing we have learned in our lives is that there will always be a way to pull off something we thought is not possible and that’s what we did with Amaze and Graze – by Chef Marj. Amaze and Graze – by Chef Marj claims to be the perfect place to buy cheesecake, decadent chocolate cake, Kitkat cake, unicorn birthday cake, and rosette cake. Other than those luscious cakes, they also have some gift and grazing boxes just waiting to be delivered to and be shared with your loved ones.

The sight of these boxes will automatically catch the hearts of whoever is looking, because Amaze and Graze – by Chef Marj made these with love and baked these with passion. As that is the case, we then opted to try one of their gift boxes which is filled with decadent treats such as chocolates and strawberries.

The box we got from them is a round one filled with strawberries and French Macarons. Specifically, the box is of 10 × 10 × 3″ which includes 10 French Macarons, 10 to 12 King Size Strawberries, alongside a free personalized card to express our feelings.

This round box comes in different prices, depending on what chocolate is to be used. The White (Colored Chocolate/Customized Color) is priced at Php 1880 and the Assorted White (Colored and Dark Chocolate with/without nuts) is also priced at Php 1880. Meanwhile, the Dark Chocolate (with nuts) is up for grabs for Php 1980.

Amaze and Graze – by Chef Marj has another round box, but this is of 8 × 3″ and has 3 pieces chocolate coated Oreos, 3 pieces chocolate coated king size strawberries, and 3 pieces mini heart shaped chocolate cake. Truly, Amaze and Graze – by Chef Marj has so much more to offer.

Check them out online as they are active on their Social Media Pages — Facebook and Instagram. They also have a Website and Shopify account wherein you can see the specifics of their products.

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