Simply Fresh: Healthy Made Yummy, Simple, and Easy

“Light, fresh, and extremely satisfying.” – this is how Simply Fresh sees what they are doing, and truth be told, they are not lying. Staying healthy is often times seen as something that takes a lot of work and effort, but that’s not really the case, especially because Simply Fresh is finally here to make being healthy easy… as easy as pie! They aren’t here to bring you pies, though, because they are here to provide you your daily dose of freshness and goodness in the form of hearty salads.

That’s right, Simply Fresh takes pride in the quality of their products as they only use fresh ingredients that are all carefully measured! Their wide array of salad comes in wraps, trays, rolls, and even bowls, so no matter how you want to enjoy your salad, they surely could make do to keep you satisfied and happy all the while healthy.

Their SaladWraps are easy-to-munch yummies that are great for when you need or want something on-the-go. This delish choice comes in Chicken & Corn (Php 180), Kani & Mango (Php 170), Roasted Chickpeas (Php 150), and Steak & Cheese (Php 190). Another great grab-and-go option from Simply Fresh are their SaladRolls (Php 170) that includes 4 pieces per serving. Each serving can have Chicken, Kani & Mango, Shrimp, and Mushroom. Yum, right?

If you prefer something that is more of an indulgence, Simply Fresh’s SaladBowls are your new best friend! Comes in Caesar (Php 150), Kani & Mango (Php 140), Steak & Cheese (Php 180), and All Veggies (Php 130), each of these variants will have have you filled, energized, and smiling!

Of course, if you want to treat you friends and family to a healthy and delicious meal time, then Simply Fresh’s Family Trays is perfect for that! Their Family Trays are available in SaladWraps and SaladBowls too! The SaladWrap Family Tray is good for 6 to 8 people and can be enjoyed in Chicken & Corn (Php 900), Kani & Mango (Php 800), Roasted Chickpeas (Php 700), and Steak & Cheese (Php 950); while the SaladBowl Family Tray is also good for 6 to 8 people and can come as Caesar (Php 800), Kani & Mango (Php 700), Mushroom (Php 700), and Steak & Cheese (Php 850).

So many good options to dig into, right? To check out more of Simply Fresh, the work they do, and their products, feel free to visit their Social Media Pages. Currently, they are up on Facebook and Instagram wherein you can also order from them. Stay healthy and happy!

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