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There is no doubt that no matter how modernized Intramuros is, it is still a historical place filled with stories dating back to hundreds of years. It surely is a place rich in culture as it is one of the places where Philippine history has been made and established. 

Ilustrado Restaurant
Ilustrado Restaurant

That being said, Intramuros has undeniably been an indispensable stop not only for tourists, but also for locals who want to learn more about their roots. Aside from history though, Intramuros is also known for a number of beautiful restaurants and cafes, one of which is Ilustrado Restaurant. 

Ilustrado Restaurant

Established in 1989, Ilustrado Restaurant has been a go-to place for a lot of people when they want wonderful food, warm hospitality, and of course, rich and beautiful culture. With a lot of fruitful years under their belt, Ilustrado Restaurant has built a reputation where people can experience excellent food and impeccable service, highlighting Spanish, Filipino, and global cuisines in an authentic, charming old-world setting. 

Bread Basket with Butter and Pate
Ilustrado Caesar Salad

All that being said, there is no better way to experience Ilustrado Restaurant by starting with a few of their appetizers. Their Bread Basket with Butter and Pate (Php 295) as well as their Ilustrado Caesar Salad (Php 595) are two of their must-try starters, as both of these will have you excited about their other offerings. 

Beef Salpicao
Gambas Al Ajillo
Chorizo Rioja

Ilustrado Restaurant also has a variety of Tapas up for grabs. Their Beef Salpicao (Php 600), Gambas Al Ajillo (Php 580), and Chorizo Rioja (Php 420) are a splendid trio to have as each is a savory delight in its own unique way! All of them can also be paired with bread or even rice if you want to treat them as a viand. 


Another tasty dish to go for here at Ilustrado Restaurant is their Machito (Php 420). This is a generous serving of delicious pasta with beef tenderloin, shiitake mushrooms, worcestershire, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and light soy sauce. 

Twice Cooked Angus Beef Short Plate with Mushroom Ragout

If you want something heavier, though, then make sure to reach for Ilustrado Restaurant’s Mains and House Specialties. For their Mains, we suggest not passing up on their Twice Cooked Angus Beef Short Plate with Mushroom Ragout (Php 850) as this one is a luscious saucy dish that will surely pamper your taste buds. 

Lengua Con Setas

Meanwhile, for their House Specialties, we actually have a lot coming your way! Their Lengua Con Setas (Php 680) which is a plate of slow-cooked slices of ox tongue in mushroom brown sauce, as well as their Callos Madrilena (Php 590) which is a hearty and extra thick version of the traditional Madrid dish, ox tripe, garbanzos, chorizo de bilbao, pimientos, and bacon slab stew are just two of their dishes that are a definite must-try!

Kambing Kaldereta
Kare-Kare Bagnet
Kare-Kare Bagnet

Apart from those two, Ilustrado Restaurant’s Kambing Kaldereta (Php 680) which is a heartwarming stew that is made flavorful and filling with goat meat stewed in tomato sauce, potatoes, spices, liver spread, onions, and bell pepper; and their Kare-Kare Bagnet (Php 555) which is another Ilustrado Restaurant stew this time made from toasted ground rice, peanut sauce, vegetables,  oxtail, and tripe, and is best paired with sweet and spicy sauteed shrimp paste are luscious house specialties you should certainly not miss out on. Trust us, you are going to love each and every mouthful of these dishes!

Paella Bagnet

If you want more of Ilustrado Restaurant’s tempting bagnet, then don’t think twice about snatching their Paella Bagnet (Php 1550) for your table. This is a satisfying serving of classic bagnet, chorizo, bell pepper, peas, tomato, annatto, boiled egg, and lime, all cradled on top of calrose rice.


Ilustrado Restaurant is not only well-loved because of their savory selection though, because their desserts do not disappoint as well! Their Baked Cheesecake (Php 205), Chocolate Fudge Cake (Php 205), and Chocolate Decadent Cake (Php 205) are just a few of their bestselling cakes.

Homemade Sampaguita Ice Cream

Besides those, their Lambing (Php 295) which is made with chocolate chiffon, chocolate mousse, custard cream, Auro cacao powder, raspberry puree, and pistachio soil; as well as their Homemade Sampaguita Ice Cream (Php 280) are two other Ilustrado Restaurant desserts that are ultimately just hard to resist. 

Coco-Water Infusion Cucumber
Coco Avocado
Tequila Sunrise

To tie it altogether, don’t skip on Ilustrado Restaurant’s refreshing beverages as well! Their Ilustrado Iced Tea (Php 200), Coco-Water Infusion Cucumber (Php 250), Coco Avocado, Tequila Sunrise, and Sangria will have you revitalized and relaxed at the same time. 

Ilustrado Restaurant
Ilustrado Restaurant

Truly, Ilustrado Restaurant has made a name for itself, not only as a splendid restaurant and cafe, but also as a wonderful venue and caterer for intimate soirees and even for corporate meetings. Know more about Ilustrado Restaurant and the greatness they have to offer by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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