Sisig Revolution: Giving a classic comfort food a tasty rebellion

Sisig is a popular Filipino dish that usually is paired with beer. It typically is the go-to pulutan when friends, family, or sometimes even neighbors are having a drinking session. It also has that sizzle and spice that gives the palate a strong punch of delicious smokey flavor. However, Sisig is not only good during times of drinking, because Sisig is also a savory viand that goes really well with probably every Pinoy’s favorite – rice!

Filipinos certainly have an undeniable love for a full, hearty meal, so it is no surprise that a savory dish like sisig is also being paired with more than just a cup of rice. With that, Sisig Revolution decided to play around with this classic dish since it is also a comfort dish of many, if not all. Sisig Revolution has given sisig a different spin; they have revolutionized it, so to speak.

To start this sisig loaded food adventure, check out Sisig Revolution’s Pica-Pica selection as their Nachos Sisig Overload (Php 160 | Cheese Php 130) which is a heavy serving of nachos topped with cheese and garlic; their Fries Sisig Overload (Php 150 |Cheese Php 125) which diners have a choice of either going for cheese or lechon kawali sisig toppings on fries; and their Sisig Spring Rolls (Php 160) which are basically rice wrapper with lechon kawali sisig, lettuce, carrots, cucumber, mango, and peanut sauce are surely great ways to ease you into this sisig-filled rave.

Wrapping those kickstarters, dig into Sisig Revolution’s Wraps such as their Sisig Burrito (Php 265) which is of crab fat rice, lechon kawali sisig, tomatoes, cheese and garlic sauce; their Sisig Pockets (Php 175) which is of pita bread filled with shredded lettuce, carrots, lechon kawali sisig, and barbecue sauce; and their Sisig Tacos (Php 60 / piece) which is of soft taco filled with hearty greens, lechon kawali sisig, and barbecue sauce!

For the main event, Sisig Revolution’s Rice Bowls will have minds of sisig fans blown. As Sisig is usually a pork dish, Sisig Revolution played it up with lechon kawali and a bunch of other meaty goodies no one probably thought would work out. Their Lechon Kawali Sisig with Crab Fat Rice (Php 220| Plain Rice Php 195) which is topped with their signature crispy lechon kawali sisig; their Crispy Chicken Sisig with Crab Fat Rice (Php 195 | Plain Rice Php 175) which is topped with chicken poppers sisig and crispy chicken skin; their Fried Ebi Sisig with Plain Rice (Php 275 | Crab Fat Rice Php 295) which is topped with batter-fried shrimp with chili and bell peppers tossed in their signature sisig sauce; and Lechon Kawali Pares with Plain Rice (Php 180 | Crab Fat Rice Php 195) which is not a sisig, but a classic Pinoy dish with a twist, too, that is of comforting hot pares soup topped with crispy lechon kawali pares can all be paired with either crab fat rice or plain rice.

And as a bonus, Sisig Revolution actually has an off-the-menu item that is a definitely must-try! Their Chicken Skin may be a sinful yet a heavenly snack that is packed with flavor and crunch and is no doubt a great add-on to an already wonderful sisig meal.

Sisig Revolution has so much more surprises coming for their diners, however, those surprises are also already familiar to the taste since they are leaning more into Filipino fusion. Currently, they have party trays great for 8 to 12 pax and 15 to 18 pax which can be delivered through FoodPanda and GrabFood.

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Address: 5682 Ground Floor, E&M Building, Dona Carmen, St, Poblacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0905 411 8896

Hours of Operation: Sunday and Monday 11AM to 7PM; Tuesday to Thursday 11AM to 11PM; and Friday to Saturday 11AM to 3AM

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