Sisigsarada: Your Favorite Sisig in Makati

If you are usually around Makati, you probably have heard of this popular sisig place in Rada Steet. Sisigsarada is famous for its well-loved sisig as a lot of people are actually willing to wait in queue just to have a taste of it. Sisigsarada is also one of the pioneers in Makati’s jolly jeep and from there, they have made a name for themselves by being consistent with the quality of their food products.

Sisigsarada’s Sisig became a word of mouth among their patrons which soon garnered more customers past the city. Their popular Sisig can be grabbed in a Tub (Php 150) and with Rice (Php 90) which are both convenient and satisfying options. Meanwhile, if you are not much of a sisig fan or you want to try something different from Sisigsarada, do know that they have food products other than sisig.

Their Porkchop (Php 95), Tapa (Php 100), and Bangus (Php 115) which all come with rice and egg are crowd favorites too, because each has a unique delicious take on a hefty plate of meal that could turn into hungry tummies into happy ones. Truly, these meal options will get you hooked with Sisigsarada, because just like their Sisig, Sisigsarada makes sure that all of their products are scrumptious, hearty, and friendly on the pocket too.

That being said, Sisigsarada is committed in providing superior home-cooked style Filipino meals without compromising their services and competitive prices. Through that, they are aiming to be one of the leading food outlets that does not only serve pork sisig, but also be able to establish a bigger market through franchising.

To know more about Sisigsarada and their offerings, you can check them out on Instagram. You can also take a closer look of their mission and vision at their Website.  For orders and concerns, feel free to tap them by sending some love on their inbox! Also, if you want to visit their physical stores, Sisigrada is available at Makati (102 Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City), Muntinlupa (Unit 3 Regala Compound, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City), and Las Piñas (Km. 17 Place, 773 Alabang–Zapote Road, Talon II, Las Piñas).

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