Sizzle. Pork. And. Mmm.: Making our mornings fantastic!

On the hunt for something that is a total wambam? No need to look further because it has always been a part of our lives – no, scratch that, it has been our life, and it is none other than SPAM®! Notice how you are nodding your head and agreeing how SPAM® is a total wambam, making your day, even if we are still just easing you into this mmm goodness of a dish? Welp, you can’t deny it anyway, because like us, we know you are part of our SPAM® fambam!

Sizzle. Pork. And. Mmm. – that is basically what SPAM® is all about, but then again, there really is more to it than a slice of meaty heaven. This little blue can we always call dibs on has won, still winning, and will continue winning hearts of a ton of people as this big blue marble we are living in just can’t get enough of its iconic and at the same time legendary taste and the meal creativity you could make with it. Truly, this meal-time fave is versatile, high-quality, and great-tasting that nothing can be in comparison to it.

Being an iconic brand, SPAM® is undeniably a Pinoy fave as it is the ultimate comfort food for most Filipinos. And you know what more? When one feels like everything is just falling apart, SPAM® remains firm, because nothing fries like it. We absolutely love how it shines when it’s fried and we love it even more when it is fried the way that it becomes crisp and caramelized on the outside, but stays tender and juicy on the inside!

There’s no denying that you can really enjoy SPAM® as it is – meaning sliced and fried or make something different but downright delicious still! However, for us, as much as we enjoy something innovative, we really just keep on finding ourselves going back and rediscovering our old, but all-time fave SPAM® sizzle with a twist, the SPAM® Pancakes!

With our go-to SPAM® Pancakes for breakfast, we get to experience SPAM® in its full glory as this is the only luncheon meat whose deliciousness really comes through not only in how its tastes, but also in how it looks, smells, and even sounds! Everything that is SPAM® really makes our mouths water because that is the true sign of SPAM®’s superior quality – making it not only irresistibly crave-worthy, but perfect for preparing in a number of yummy ways.

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