Slurp like no one’s watching in this cafeteria-style ramen shop called Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo

Mitsuyado  Seimen: The House of Tsukemen is no doubt our go-to dining concept when we want some great-tasting noods we would be drooling about for days. Well, from that rises another slurp-worthy concept of Mitsuyado called Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo.

Before anything else, let us tell you that Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo is not your usual ramen shop as this one is a cafeteria-style ramen shop at the Japan Town of Top of the Glo in Glorietta 2 that would give you the feel of noodle houses in the colorful and awesome country that is Japan.

Not only that, though, because Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo also aims to bring ramen appreciation to a price level that is more affordable without of course, compromising the delectable taste of flavors that everyone would sure enjoy and keep wanting to go back to.

White Original (Php 180)

That being said, as Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo is a cafeteria-style ramen shop, you actually have the option to choose your own ramen and pair it with your preferred toppings. They currently have four basic ramen variants that all are of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen and from their we got the White Original (Php 180) which is such a classic ramen that is just easy to love.

Vegetable Green Matcha (Php 220)
Sukiyaki Red Spicy (Php 300)

After having that, we next got a taste or rather a load of their other ramen offerings such as the Charsui Black Garlic (Php 280) that has that distinct garlic-y taste, the Vegetable Green Matcha (Php 220) that matcha lovers will gladly dig into, and the Sukiyaki Red Spicy (Php 300) that got us slurping non-stop!

Gyudon (Php 200)
Ebi Tempura Don (Php 220)
Pork Cutlet Don (Php 200)

Of course, other than having noodles, Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo also has Donburi also known as rice options, because we Filipinos just love carbing everything up, right? For that you might want to try out the Gyudon (Php 200), the Ebi Tempura Don (Php 220), and the Pork Cutlet Don (Php 200) which are all just downright delicious.


And if you thought that is all we had, then you certainly are making a mistake because we topped those with some toppings which you also should check out. We opted to munch on the Ebi Tempura (Php 60), the Gyoza Katsu (Php 95), the Takoyaki, and the Nacho Gyoza. We undeniably adored all that, but really the Nacho Gyoza was something new for us that got us hooked!

Mitsuyado really outdone themselves once again with this Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo of theirs, because if you think you have experienced everything there is to ramen dining, then you probably need to take a pause and think again, as this cafeteria-style ramen shop is sure to be offering another ramen dining experience you would be wanting to experience over and over again!

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Featured Branch: Mitsuyado Ramen Shokudo – Glorietta 2 branch

Address: 4/L Japantown, Top of Glo, Glorietta 2, Makati, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 813 8917

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 10AM to 9PM

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