Slurp your way at Saigi Ramen!

Saigi Ramen provides their diners the delicious and homey Japanese warmth and sincerity with every slurp of their ramen. With Chef Atsushi Yoshida at the helm of the energetic and dynamic Saigi team, they aspire to share a piece of Japan in every dish they serve even without their diners being physically present in Japan.

Saigi Ramen

Chef Atsushi Yoshida is a Michelin-star Chef and he has combined his Japanese, Chinese, and French culinary skills and techniques in order to give Saigi Ramen’s diners meticulously prepared ramen each and every time. That said, going for Saigi Ramen, especially when you are craving for some slurp action, will always be the right decision.

Potato Salad

If you want to start with something light and refreshing, then consider going to their unlimited salad bar wherein you can just get whatever you want and make your own salad of choice. To give you an idea, we made ourselves a hearty serving of Potato Salad that was really tasty.

Juicy Karaage
Kurobuta Gyoza

Before reaching for their ramen, you can also tease yourselves even more by snatching a plate or two of their Juicy Karaage (3 Pieces Php 188 | 5 Pieces Php 288) as well as their Kurobuta Gyoza (3 Pieces Php 158 | 5 Pieces Php 238). These Ala Carte dishes are also wonderful to pair with whatever Saigi Ramen noodles you have in mind.  

Shoyu Ramen
Shoyu Ramen
Esguerra Farm Kurobuta Miso Ramen

And of course, if you are ready to dig into their main event, then don’t think twice about slurping your way through not only one of their ramens. Their Shoyu Ramen is a filling and a flavorful bowl of ramen with a soy-based broth, and their Esguerra Farm Kurobuta Miso Ramen (Php 430) is a delectable blended miso-based ramen made with Kurobuta and vegetables. Truly, these two will give you what you want!


However, if you are looking for Saigi Ramen’s signature dish, then fret no more, because that’s none other than their Tantanmen! This scrumptious noodle dish is carefully made with 30 special ingredients so every sip and slurp will absolutely give you a flavor-bomb experience.

Lastly, if you want a drink that could balance out your Saigi Ramen meal, then make sure to snatch their Baguio Lemonade (Php 170). This one is a revitalizing thirst-quencher that goes really well with their dishes. 

Saigi Ramen

For more information, you can visit Saigi Ramen’s Facebook and Instagram. Slurp away!

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