SM Fairview had a Barista Battle and let’s just say it made some rattle

If you are looking for something that is getting bigger, then SM Fairview is the one for you! They are getting bigger in terms of size, stores, events, dining options, and even coffee shops! That’s right, coffee lovers would jump for joy as SM Fairview is definitely upping their coffee game.

That being said, we were recently invited to judge their Barista Battle and to their mini Coffee Crawl which we really had fun doing as we also got to be with our friends! We mean, any happening with great company really is just going to be amazing, right? Especially that SM Fairview gets to be the venue.

And so, our day with SM Fairview started with their Barista Battle wherein two baristas from two different coffee shops joined to have a friendly competition in which they were only allowed to use French press, coffee beans, hot water, and coffee cups. If there are other items that are to be used by the contestants, they have to notify us beforehand. Food pairing also is not allowed for us to be able to judge the coffee itself better.

Paul Ortega of Bo’s Coffee
Athenos Alegre of Nitro 7

The baristas who joined the Barista Battle were Paul Ortega of Bo’s Coffee and Athenos Alegre of Nitro 7. Paul used Sagada coffee beans while Athena used Arabica coffee beans. They were judged based on taste, presentation, and cleanliness, and between the two, Paul Ortega was the one who rose against the odds.

This truly was a fun experience for us as we were there as one of the judges, together with Chef Gerick Manalo and Jenn Tan of Coffee Crawl Series. These two are really great with their coffee. They know a lot of technicalities and although, we know our coffee, too, we gained a lot of knowledge from them as well.

After all, life is really a continuous learning process. You will never know everything – and so, that’s the tea– no, scratch that, because that’s the piping hot mug of coffee, sis.

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Address: Quirino Highway, corner Regalado Hwy, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 936 8388

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 9PM

Follow Bo’s Coffee on their Facebook and Instagram as well as Nitro 7 on their Facebook and Instagram, too!

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