Smoque Bistro Cafe + Bar: One of our go-tos in Bohol

We have been to Bohol a couple of times and if you are going to ask us what we keep on coming back there, aside from their gorgeous beaches, our answer will be none other than food! And if you want a more specific answer on where to get the food that Bohol is holding we’d answer you with Smoque Bistro which isn’t only all about the savories, but also about the sweets, so really you will be getting the best of both worlds with them!

The last time we visited Smoque Bistro, they are going for being a barbecue place, but now, they are being known as a steakhouse which is not at all a problem because they really are serving exquisite as well as luscious steaks. Sporting a rustic-industrial feel, wide space, comfy couches and chairs, a huge kitchen in which you will be able to see in, Smoque Bistro is really the bomb!

Seafood Chowder (Php 325)

Serving us a complimentary dish to start with, but really it is to tease our tastebuds of what is there to come, Smoque Bistro placed a serving of their delectable homemade dinner rolls and meat butter – such yum! From that simple yet yummy teaser, we then opted to go dive into their Seafood Chowder (Php 325) which is a hearty bowl of fresh seasonal seafood, sea urchin butter, and vegetables served with garlic-herb toast, which is great to share.

Following that with another bounty-of-the-sea dish, Smoque Bistro, on that day, was serving Yellowfin Tuna (Php 495) which is part of their surf or turf, other specialties selection. This dish is of yellowfin tuna, with broccoli, squid, clams, and beans. It indeed reminded us the taste of the ocean and city, especially with its seafood cream sauce as well as ube gnocchi.

Diving deeper into the taste of the ocean, Smoque Bistro’s Smoked Salmon Tostada (Php 425) is definitely memorable! Served with corn, jalapeno, veggies, tomatoes, smoked salmon, on top of crispy tortilla, this one gave us that crunchy adventure we are so fond of!

We also got to try one of their pasta offerings which is none other than their Classic Lasagna (Php 495). This cheesy heaven is a plate of layers of lasagna sheets, all beef Bolognese, and smoked ham, béchamel, served on house made marinara.

Having a taste of meaty goodness, and Smoque Bistro getting known for being a steakhouse here in Bohol, of course, we are not standing up from our seats without trying at least one of their steaks. Their Bolzico Beef Ribeye (Php 2499/14oz) is a definite must-try! This one has chimichurri and red wine sauce, mashed potato, and salad for side – an absolute delight.

Going for an overload of meat, Smoque Bistro’s Kofta Burger (Php 395) is hard to beat! This is a hearty serving of 8oz mid-east spiced kofta beef patty with house greens, cucumber-yogurt relish, fried onion, and house dressing.

With a lot of savories we needed to gobble down, we also had a few of Smoque Bistro’s refreshments, of course! We got to sip their Apple Iced Tea (Php 120) as well as their Citrus Iced Tea (Php 120). These ones are handcrafted iced teas from fruits, reduced, slow-juiced, and served with tea leaves.

And to end this dinner of ours with more fruity party, we slurped a glass of their Cucumber Lemonade Slush (Php 175) – a drink that is both fun and healthy!

Smoque Bistro really have our hearts – hook, line, and sinker! Their concept of a casual fine dining with their food offering being of fusion of Western cuisine alongside European practice all the while injecting Boholano, Filipino, and Asian cuisines is just something we wish we could go to here in the Metro.

You could also go check out their wine selection and their menu is very flexible as the Chef himself goes to the market really early and if he sees something fresh that he wants to incorporate and offer to their customers, then he will make a dish out of that and serve it for a day, so really, at Smoque Bistro, everyday is a special day!

Also, don’t miss out on their pastries as they sure offer drool-worthy ones which you could go sweetly torture yourself here.

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Address: Carlos P. Garcia East Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Contact Number: +63927 970 6866

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Sunday 11AM to 2PM & 6PM to 10PM

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