Snack On These Latest Goodies from House of Lasagna

Have we turned you into some sort of a House of Lasagna fan as well? If we haven’t yet and you love desserts, then remember this date because today just might be the day we completely turn you into one.

It is no secret that we have dined with House of Lasagna more times than we could remember already. Their menu just continues to grow and be yummier. People don’t even have to ask them to add what they want, because they surely are already in the process of adding it no matter what it is. Undeniably, House of Lasagna already knows what you want before you could even tell them.

That being said, House of Lasagna noticed how they could add more irresistible choices to their already drool-worthy menu. Wondering what these choices are? Well, we have actually given you a clue about it already and that clue is the word “Desserts”. Yes, you got that right, House of Lasagna decided to expand their dessert selection even more and we are all for it.

Their Sylvanas Cake is a piece that melted our hearts once it was placed on our table. We just knew we are going to love every bit of it, because it’s Sylvanas and sometimes we just want more of that classic Sylvanas, so having it as a whole cake will surely have us eating the day away just like we plan to.

Following that is their Red Velvet Cake that is just straight up luscious as it is a sight to behold. This one will definitely turn anyone into a romantic. Plus, its redness would make anyone feel that strong kind love they oh-so-deserve.

Next to that is a cake that would have you delighting in both coffee and chocolate tones. Their Mocha Cake is a lovely wake-upper, especially when you need some energy to power through your shift.

If you are looking for sweets that would cool you down too, though, then don’t fret because House of Lasagna could no doubt help you with that as well. They have Frozen Brazo de Mercedes that even comes in chocolate. This will have you all relaxed and cool in no time.

Another chilled treat is none other than their Tiramisu that comes in both Dark Chocolate and something akin to an Ice Cream. This dessert can also stand as a snack and you will also love every mouthful of it just the same.

Other than cakes and and chilled goodies, House of Lasagna also has Cheesecakes and Pie. The newest one on their Cheesecake line is the adorable-looking Basque Burnt Blueberry Cheesecake that not only is bursting with fruity and cheesy flavors, but also is such a fun treat; while for their Pie line, House of Lasagna has released their delicious Apple Pie alongside their refreshing Calamansi Pie that are both just east to love.

Certainly, House of Lasagna got us all wrapped up in yumminess and goodness that only they could provide— and soon, you will be too! Other than those desserts, House of Lasagna also released a few munch-worthy yummies such as their Chicken Barbecue Pizza, their Salted Potato Chips and their Sugar Sprinkled Camote Chips that are both available in a Bucket and in 4 Liters.

More sumptuous and scrumptious dishes and snacks are waiting for you at House of Lasagna, so make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Website to know more. You will be going “nom, nom, nom” and “yum, yum, yum” once you got your choices from House of Lasagna delivered to you!

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