Special Moments Made Extra Special by Lanterna

The stigma on healthy food being tasteless really is just not right, because with Lanterna, people do not only get tasty and healthy food, but satisfying, too! This is the place to be if someone wants a food adventure like no other in the beautiful island of Boracay.


Luigi, the owner, is offering authentic Italian cuisine with, of course, a touch of Pinoy fusion.  Guests can also request whatever they want to have for meal time, but do keep in mind that that is limited to what is available on their kitchen – that’s not really a problem, though, because whatever their kitchen serves, it sure is delicious!


As they are of Italian and Filipino fusion, Lanterna’s Carpaccio is a mix of ingredients that is familiar to both the Italian and the Filipino palate. They have a Tuna Carpaccio that comes with green apple, Octopus with black olives and capers, Lapu-Lapu with capers and lemon viniagrette dressing. Another Carpaccio is of beetroot, orange and feta cheese with orange sauce, cream cheese with green apple, salmon, shrimps, and lompo fish also known as lump fish eggs, poppy seeds, and of course, Bruschetta.

Arugula Salmon Fettuccine
Chickpeas Fettuccine and Pechay
Ricotta Cheese and Parmesan Cheese Ravioli

Lanterna’s Polenta Shrimp which is a dish in Northern Italy that is of homemade sausage is delish too, as well as their pastas, specificially their Arugula Salmon Fettuccine, Chickpeas Fettuccine and Pechay, Ricotta Cheese and Parmesan Cheese Ravioli are just a few must-tries for a more Italian fare of flavors.

Panna Cotta
Chocolate Profiterole

And as a sweet kiss for an ending, their Panna Cotta which is no doubt yummy as it has just the right sweetness with a hint of sour taste as well as their Chocolate Profiterole which is undeniably chocolatey with a tad bit minty taste, are both lovely enders for a lovely meal time with Lanterna.

Lanterna really is a great place to have a special moment as everything they do is special. They create their own bread and ricotta cheese and their pastas are also homemade, so diners really get this close to ome feel in every mouthful.


Aside from all the dishes mentioned, their Bangus Relyeno in Italian Style as well as their Ampalaya Salad in Italian Style are both reasons for their patrons to keep on dining with them over and over again. Know more about Lanterna by visitine their Facebook and Instagram.

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