Spencer’s Gastro+Pub is equal to amazing signature dishes, exquisite wines and drinks, beautiful melodies, altogether with great company

Experience the premiere food and drink hangout place in Subic Bay by digging into exquisitely prepared and perfectly cooked signature dishes and indulging in a slew of unique wines and drinks while you groove to the beautiful tune of live music serenading you.

With Spencer’s Gastro+Pub, all you have to do is dine, drink, and party as they will fill your life not only with delicious, well-prepared food, but also with fun memories in a chic, modern, and cozy ambiance that would not be of comparison to others.

As Spencer’s Gastro+Pub is all about techniques, methods, and execution, they have come up with a menu packed with dishes that would give your palate a taste of Western Continental and Japanese.


Starting this promise of a good time, the Pulled Pork Sandwich is a lovely creation of chobata which is a home-made hard dough bread filled with tasty pulled pork and pickled lollo rosso.


To tease the taste buds even more of what is yet to come, the Blue Marlin Ceviche is similar to Kinilaw, but the difference is that Spencer’s Gastro+Pub used the natural citric acid which can be gotten from fruits such as lemon; while the fish cubes are as if melt-in-the-mouth soft.


DSC_5624a (2)

Another quick bite you have to try is the Queso Fundido which is usually for bar food as this one is béchamel with three types of cheese that comes with bread for that much needed energy for that upcoming long night of great moments.


Giving into some heavier cravings, Spencer’s Chicken Pesto is a flagship dish from Spencer’s Gastro+Pub old menu but is still loved by many. This one is a yummy dish that gives highlight to chicken with a bed of spinach, along some homemade pesto sauce.


If the first fish dish got you hooked, then go ahead and try out the Blackened Mahi-Mahi that is not only tender with the right flakiness, but is also well-infused with herbs which makes the whole dish flavorful. This one is also served with mango salsa, which has an extra kick to it, that complements the taste of the fish.


For a different fish dish, but delicious, nonetheless, the Poached Salmon in hollandaise sauce has that mild sour taste which accentuates the fresh, clean taste of the salmon itself which was poached exactly 80 degrees for 13 minutes.


Diving more into the sea, this next dish gives the spotlight to another yummy seafood, and that is no other than Spencer’s Gastro+Pub’s Spicy Prawns (Gambas) which was cooked in butter with a mixture of paprika and chili flakes for an adventure of flavors alongside plumpness and  freshness.


Having a fill of seafood, of course, Spencer’s Gastro+Pub also has some meaty dishes – one of which is Beef Tips which are all tender and tasty, thanks to the delectable sauce that makes every bite really good! It also comes with mashed potato which is creamy and light.


Next is the Beef Ribs that was rubbed with barbecue sauce and smoked for 8 hours using apple wood which added a charming fruity taste to it, and this one is served with Texas toast and corn bread – both of which are house-made.

Of course, if Beef Tips is available, Pork Ribs should be, too, and with that, Spencer’s Gastro+Pub did not disappoint as their Pork Ribs comes in either half-slab or full slab, with the same method of cooking with the Beef Ribs.


Another dish you should definitely give a chance is the USDA Flank Steak that has sesame paste and teriyaki sauce, together with fried red onions that were washed to reduce the sugar content and be able to achieve that delightful flossy texture.


For a meatastic adventure, the Beef Tenderloin has snatched the hearts and has tickled the palate of many as this one is real tender, packed with a flavor like no other, along a hint of mushroom taste which makes this dish even more extra than it already is.


After a lot of dishes, surely, it’s not a sin to take a step back to give way for some delicious drinks you don’t want to miss out on! The Harvey Wallbanger is hands down a banger as this one is of vodka and Harvey orange juice which makes it refreshing while it having slight of a punch.


While the Mocha Martini is such a playful drink which will make this premier experience Spencer’s Gastro+Pub is offering even more splendid than it already is, especially it has this subtle sweetness to it that will make you sip more and more without you even noticing it.


Last but definitely not the least, as this one is truly a huge bomb of margarita, the Monsterita Bowl is for the brave people ready to take on a full-blown challenge that is a fun, colorful drink which can be shared for that true delightful experience with good company.

Here in Spencer’s Gastro+Pub, you will surely dine with delight as you not only savor, but also relish in an array of cuisines from America, continental, French, and of course, Filipino by experiencing the new vibrant and comfy vibe, enjoyable sight, and wonderful sound.

Also, what is even more special in Spencer’s Gastro+Pub is that diners can request for dishes they want to be served and chefs can do their specials as long as items are on hand which can also depend on the availability of in-season ingredients.





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