Spice Up your Stay with the Taste of Bohol at Saffron Restaurant by Amorita Resort

Bohol is one of the most spectacular destinations in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines. With its top-notch diving sites, astonishing nature spots, and grand outdoor adventures, it has captured the imagination and hearts of travelers from not only all over the country, but all over the world as well. Lucky for us, we got to stay in a really gorgeous hotel that wows us with paradise sceneries, adventures, traditions, and authentic cuisine.


Situated on top of a limestone cliff on the Southern edge of Panglao, Amorita Resort Bohol stuns its guest with the best, jaw-dropping, humbling view of Alona Beach and Cebu Strait. Thanks to its quiet and secluded location, guests get to be one with nature while enjoying their time in the lush resort.

“Amorita” which means “Little Darling” in Spanish surely gave us a sweet, romantic stay. With this, Amorita Resort Bohol did not just give us a memorable experience, but a lovely buffet as well, as they house the wonderful Saffron Restaurant wherein we had our lunch buffet at.


Saffron Restaurant offers an all-day menu showcasing fresh and locally produced ingredients of which their dishes are made with. They take pride in being the only restaurant in Bohol that gives its diners an experience of authentic Boholano heritage dishes together with a wide range of Continental, Asian, and of course, Filipino favorites!


With a very warm and relaxed ambiance, design themes and elements made by Filipino craftsmen, which totally went well with the beautiful island resort feel, Saffron Restaurant exudes elegance and class which made our buffet experience – both breakfast and lunch – an awesome one.


As a bacon fan, our excitement for breakfast has doubled as Saffron Restaurant is actually famous for their pile of juicy, crispy bacon! If there weren’t any other guests, we would have eaten all the bacon served on their buffet. Just kidding… or are we, really?







From bacon, let’s jump to some delicious cold cuts and tasty cheese – perfect for meat lovers and cheese crazies like us. If you want to amp these up with some carbs, don’t fret; in fact, that’s great, because Saffron has breads – loaves and rolls – baked fresh each and every day!


If you are up for some crunchy, colorful, chocolatey fun, then don’t be shy because you’re not the only kid-at-heart in this place, head onto their cereals isle and indulge in some, if not all.



Want to start your day with some healthier options? Then, no worries, because Saffron has some fresh greens and whatnot that would be great for your salad. They also have some homemade yogurt which you can go for either plain or put toppings on it. Fresh fruits are also available for your picking – slices of watermelons, mangoes, and the likes for that sweet tooth of yours!




If you’re dining in for lunch, then yay for you because Saffron Restaurant has more scrumptious and delectable dishes ready to be eaten by you.

We recommend you try out Saffron’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza. With soft, crispy dough, slathered with tomato sauce, topped with chicken and barbecue and a lot of other yummy things, plus some cheese, it surely is heaven on earth!

For more triangle goodness, grab some of their Sisig Quesadilla – traditional sisig flavors served in between freshly-made soft tortilla, alongside local vegetables, toasted chorizo de Bohol, and not one, but two kinds of cheese which are mozzarella and kesong puti, this dish is all things tasty and easy to eat.

If you want to have some hearty bowl of hot soup, Amorita Pork Sinigang should be your go to dish. With a variety of Filipino dishes, this tempting classic Filipino sour stew is served with crispy lechon kawali which you won’t ever give a chance to get cold as you’ll be eating it non-stop!

Want more meatastic fun? These huge grilled pork ribs generously glazed with barbecue sauce could be your oh so good soulmate. Served with homemade coleslaw and lip-smacking grilled corn on a cob, you’ll definitely be reaching for more rice with this one.

Meanwhile, if you want to have a nutritious yet flavorful meal, Saffron’s Stir Fried Vegetables got your back! Perfectly cooked seasonal veggies plus fried tofu mixed in garlic sauce, this dish is undeniably made with fresh ingredients!

However, if you are here ready to break some more rules, the Pork Binagoongan is a dish we really vouch for! Roasted crackling pork belly sautéed on shrimp paste and topped with shredded green mangoes and fried garlic bits – the contrast between all the ingredients make a wonderful blend of flavors.

For desserts, we had two because why would you settle with one sweet thing when you can have two, at least regarding food, right?


We munched on Saffron’s Turon de Buhol. Deep fried and sweet, crunchy banana spring rolls, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with more crunch from peanut cookies, and drizzled with salted caramel syrup, this dessert is something that will make you come back!


The other dessert we had was the Mango Tres Leches. It is vanilla sponge cake with fresh cut mangoes and topped with mango Chantilly – a heaven for mango maniacs! Definitely a must try as this is the perfect meal ender with its moist cake and it being a not too sweet treat.

This surely was a worthwhile food adventure. With a view over the crystal waters of the infinity pool and sparkling, pristine waters of a sea, enjoying your meal is such an easy thing to do. Especially with Saffron Restaurant’s well-thought of and carefully-crafted delicious dishes, one’s palate would certainly be pleased and happy.

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