Start your day at Donatela Hotel by letting your palate experience the greatest, if not the best, among the different tastes of the world with their signature restaurant, the Paprika

Waking up to a new sunrise along with panoramic views of the Bohol Sea is one thing, but waking up with that together with the knowledge and the anticipation for surely a breakfast like no other is another thing – and that is exactly what Paprika of this botanical garden of a resort in Bohol called Donatela Hotel is cooking up.

Promising travelers a taste of the world by bringing plates and plates of wonderful flavors to the palate of their guests, Paprika is in fact Donatela Hotel’s signature restaurant that is located on the waters edge, where guests can choose either they want to delight in their meals in the lovely embrace of air-conditioned sea view rooms or in the open air veranda where the soothing sea breeze is even an added delight!

Speaking of delight, the Asian 9 Treasures Salad (Php 495) is a delightful way to start in touring the world in one roof as this one is of grilled chicken, caramelized walnuts, fresh mango, water chestnuts, and altogether mixed with sesame vinegar dressing.

Another great way to ease yourself in the mood for munching is this delicious goody from the waters, the Smoked Kingfish Carpacciao (Php 350) is delectably smoked in house, with garden herbs and homemade cream lemon Chantilly, which adds a lovely pinch of tang in every mouthful.

While you are in the zone of enjoying the gorgeous panoramic scenery that is the Bohol Sea, have a fill of dishes that highlight blessings from the sea such as the Seafood Curry (Php 495) which is a serving of yummy fish, prawns, and squid in red Thai curry sauce, with lemongrass and kaffir essence.

Follow that up with a meaty dish you will hands down love in every bite until you have finished the whole of its plate, the Beef Tenderloin Bulgogi (Php 540) is a serving of tender, tasty beef tenderloin, vegetables, soy sauce, kimchi that is undeniably packed with flavor and spice, and of course, Japanese rice to fill that hungry tummy up.

And of course, if you are one of the many folks who have got a huge sweet tooth to fill and think you have got to start your day with some sweet treat, then you are on the right track as Paprika of Donatela Hotel has so many desserts for you to enjoy.

Their Fresh Fruit Salad (Php 220) can go with or without rum, the Apple Tart, the Calamansi Tart, the Lemon Meringue Tart, and the Banana Toffee are just perfect for the people who want some sugary rush but is of a health nut as well, because what better way to get some sugar, but going for your trusty ole pals which are fruits, right?

But oh wait, if you are of the brave heart, do not run yet because Paprika has more sweets that would really be just for you to enjoy and just bask in each of its goodness, such as the Tiramisu, the Chocolate Hills Puff, the Chocolate Mousse, the Coffee Caramel, and the Chocolate Truffle.

And of course, if you are a fan of or a crazy for the much loved classic sweet slice of cheesy goodness, Paprika has more than just one cheesecake variant for you such as the Blueberry Cheesecake and the Lemon Cheesecake that will absolutely make you do yummy noises as each mouthful is just lip-smacking oh-so-good!

All the food which Donatela Hotel’s Paprika has served hands down snatched the hearts of many and will even continue snatching more hearts as they give their guests – may it be their loyal ones or new ones – the greatest, if not the best, among the different tastes of the world!

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