Start your Day with a Puto Party with Sonia’s Specialties

Thinking of making your mornings sweeter and more filling? Nothing beats some classic puto for breakfast if you are wondering. Indeed, this traditional Filipino treat is something that would bring warmth and tenderness to your day, so if you want to make someone feel loved and cared for, then starting your day with and sharing some puto with them is a splendid choice to make.

No need for you to actually wake up and wait for a puto vendor to pass by your house, because now you could order and wait for it arrive in just a short while. Thanks to Sonia’s Specialties, your dream of enjoying a puto-filled morning is surely possible.

Sonia’s Specialties specializes in a variance of classic Filipino delicacies and even dishes. With a minimum order of 30 pieces of whichever product from their Toothsome Pasalubong selection, your craving for a classic Filipino treat will definitely be fixed in record time. 

And since a puto party with your loved ones is what you have been fantasizing about, then do know that Sonia’s Specialties could undeniably help you with that! Currently, they have different puto products that are just waiting to be snatched, but out of all those, we recommend you get your hands on their Puto and Puto Flan!

The Puto of Sonia’s Specialties comes in three delectable variants and these are Puto Cheese (Php 7), Puto Pao (Php 15), and Puto Plain with Salted Egg (Php 8). These Puto choices are all of great balance between savory and sweet so you already know that your palate will no doubt have the time of its life.

Other than those Puto choices, the Puto Flan (Php 10) of Sonia’s Specialties is a hard one to beat, especially when you have a huge sweet tooth to fill. This one is a lovely combination of two classic Filipino goodies that are close to our hearts so you could bet we loved every bite of this we had.

Other than these delicious Puto treats, Sonia’s Specialties has so much more to offer, so make sure to check them out on their Socials — Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy your puto-filled feast!

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