Started as a thesis and now they are deliciously here: KKOKKO POP brings Korean fusion with a touch of Filipino flavors

As a Communication Research graduate, I have always had a love and hate relationship for anything related to research, may it be term papers, research papers and articles, theses and whatnot, but that doesn’t mean an actualization of a thesis doesn’t make my jaw drop and make my heart proud because undeniably, it does, big time!

That being said, a 9-month-old or so restaurant that highlights Korean fusion with a touch of Filipino flavors actually started as a college thesis, then turned into a carenderia type of food place, until they have finally become a full blown operation restaurant being loved by many.

With a catchy name that was inspired from the sound a chicken makes, Kkokko Pop will have you deliciously popping with their offering of korean dishes, unlimited wings, KTV which is a weakness of many pinoys, if not all!

Start with what you may see as something small, but truly a big hit on the tummy, no doubt. Kkokko Pop’s Gimbap (Php 129) comes in either Korean veggie maki or tuna maki which both are rolls of delectably good nomnoms in every mouthful.

Follow that with a crowd favorite, their Pork Belly (Php 150) is a serving of grilled pork belly strips that are bursting of yummy flavors which is a blend of sweet and spicy – giving your palate that hint of lovely and fierce taste at the same time.

For more pork belly goodness, now with an additional tasty twist, Kkokko Pop’s Korean Pork Belly Noodles (2 pax Php 229 | 4 pax Php 429) is a hefty plate of sumptuous Korean noodles with sliced pork belly.

And if having some noodles have you wanting for more slurp fun then don’t overthink it, have their Chapchae (Php 229) which is stir-fried glass noodles alongside with crunchy veggies that add that punch of delightful texture.

After that, go for their Kkokko Pop Chops (Php 65) which is an order of 5 pieces of Boneless Korean chicken thighs served with two sauces, the sweet Korean and the spicy Korean.

As Kkokko Pop was inspired with the chant a chicken does, of course they have more than just one chicken dish on their menu – one of which is their Korean Chicken Inasal (Php 169) which will really hit home on every Pinoy and Pinoy at heart, especially this can be devoured with unlimited kimchi rice.

When you feel like you can handle more chicken extravaganza, then better grab their well-known Wing Set (8 pieces Php 149) which is a load of Korean chicken wings that comes in tons of drool-worthy flavors such as Buffalo, Garlic, Parmesan, Sweet Korean, Spicy Korean, Honey Butter, Salted Egg, Sou Garlic, Lemon Pepper, and Sriracha Chili.

Of course, after munching a lot of Kkokko Pop’s scrumtuous meal offerings, pair it with their much-adored milktea that comes in different variants such as Taro Milktea (Php 80), Wintermelon Milktea (Pho 80), Matcha Milktea (Php 80), and Chocolate Milktea (Php 80).

Kkokko Pop is really great for folks of any walk of life, may it be students, barkadas, families, elderlies, especially their space is literally a house turned restaurant, which makes the homey vibe legit as it can be.

Plus, as Kkokko Pop started as a thesis, the owners were actually the ones to grind and do all the manual labor in their first few months as they were still learning the ropes and want to really be hands on in regards to their business.

Now, as their reach grow and their name being known more, of course their family have grown as well, even giving students an opportunity of becoming an intern of theirs to truly welcome them and guide them into the world that awaits for them.

Currently, they have one room for singers – and songers – wherein up to 15 people can have fun with KTV for only Php 2000, consumable for three hours, all food and drinks. If you feel like having a concert, you can extend by adding Php 500 per hour. Also, for their KTV rooms, reservations are also recognized, so book your jammin sesh now!

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Address: 37 Gloria Diaz, Las Pinas, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0926 995 6949

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 10AM to 10PM

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