Stay Cool this Summer with these Jollibee Treats!

Summer is just around the corner and one of our favorite fast food chains is offering three treats that will surely help us stay cool and beat the heat.

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During the official launch of these summer treats by Jollibee, we were surprised with two new additions to its extensive menu and a comeback of their version of a classic Filipino dessert. Curious to know more about these products? Read on.

Wasabi Fries

Jollibee introduces an exciting kick to the Jolly Crispy Fries – Wasabi.

Our verdict? It’s now our new favorite flavored fries! The wasabi flavor is spot on without being too spicy. It has the right balance of everything – and it really works! We have friends who don’t love wasabi but truly enjoyed this.

Trust us in this one – it’s highly addicting and in our opinion it’s the best flavored fries of Jollibee yet. The Wasabi Fries come in three sizes: regular (40php), large (65php), and jumbo (80php).

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Royal Float

Sweet and tangy, Jollibee tried to combine orange-flavored soda and vanilla soft-served ice cream in one drink – and it’s surprisingly refreshing!

This is Jollibee’s official summer drink. What would go wrong with ice cream though? This cool, citrusy, and creamy beverage is available for 35php for solo and 25php for upgrade with any value meal.

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Halo-Halo Sundae

Halo-Halo is a classic Pinoy treat every summer. We just love the combination of sago, gulaman, bananas, beans, macapuno, and ube ice cream. Jollibee has its own version of this favorite, and it’s now available for everyone to enjoy.

We believe that it’s value for money for just 39php. It’s definitely summer in a cup as instead of using ice with milk, Jollibee uses its signature vanilla soft-served ice cream as base. It’s colorful, and all the more creamier!

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Go try these newest treats from Jollibee and let us know your favorites!

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