Stock up on Tako Sum’s Authentic Frozen Takoyaki Sets today!

We surely had a yum yum yum time with Tako Sum — that is just something we cannot and will not even deny. They have a wide variety of delicious dimsums and a number of takoyaki sets that we truly indulged in.

Like many others, Asian food is a comfort food of ours. There’s just something about the textures and the flavors that makes us feel we are at home, like we are being embraced and we just really love feeling that way — and that’s how Tako Sum made us feel in each and every mouthful of their nomnoms, especially their Takoyakis.

Tako Sum is making some noise as people just can’t get enough of their Authentic Frozen Takoyaki Sets. The sets were first released with four different flavors, but Tako Sum added two more delectable flavors, so now a lot of people, including us, are able to enjoy six luscious Takoyaki variants.

The first four variants of Takoyaki Sets that Tako Sum released were Octopus (16 Pieces Php 240), Squid (16 Pieces Php 220), Cheese and Kani (16 Pieces Php 220), and Veggie (16 Pieces Php 220). These four were already tasty and filling and everyone was happy about them, but Tako Sum being the extra that they are made everybody even happier as they have added the XL Whole Baby Octopus (8 XL Pieces Php 320) as well as the Scallop and Cheese (16 Pieces Php 240).

Tako Sum’s Authentic Frozen Takoyaki Sets really is a game changer, because you can have it stored and then reach for it when you are craving for it. Just follow the instructions that comes with it and you are good to go!

Know more about Tako Sum, their dimsums, and their takoyakis by checking out their Facebook and Instagram. You can also send them a message if you have any questions, concerns, or you just simply want to leave some feedback. You can also reach them at 09173035813.

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