STYLES AND BITES 2016: FOOD, FLAIR, FINDS (A Bazaar to Remember)

I have been to many bazaars, in fact I love going to one.  Not only will you get good stuff at a cheaper price, you will also get to haggle if you know how.  This is one of the many things that you certainly can’t do on a mall.  And being particular in price and worth, I find these bazaars, such a great haven for doing such crucial task for a practical person like me.

But what makes the Styles and Bites Bazaar different from the others?  It’s actually the fact that it combines pretty much everything that a shopaholic like me would want to see and experience.  From the many fashion, make-up,  gadgets and kid’s toys stalls.

To the food stalls that are even more amazing with a huge variety of dishes and food to choose from for a foodie like me.

I couldn’t even choose at first which one to try.  All the food selections seems so yummy and delicious.  And what’s excites me the most is that almost all stalls has their free tasting to offer.  Which definitely is a big deal for me, since I want to taste first which one I’d be buying.


They even have great band situated right in the middle of everything.   They do have a very good voice and indeed very talented.


I would definitely come back to the next Styles and Bites Bazaar.  Aside from it’s relaxing and enjoyable environment, to the wide variety of stalls and to the great selection of dishes and food offered, who wouldn’t?

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