On Going Public: You can now finally check out what Subic Bay Yacht Club is all about

We don’t know how to start this because this is another staycation that sure got us wow! Believe us, it did! We do love quick getaways because let’s face it, we have a lot of things to do in our lives, and time really is important, but also, we don’t want to neglect our recreational needs, so even just a swift out-of-town is something we truly appreciate.

We were lucky to be invited by Subic Bay Yacht Club to their event Taste of the North: Food Fest, but you know what’s even luckier? It’s the fact that we also got to stay and enjoy our time with them even though it was just for two days and a night.

Our room was really cozy and beautiful. It was straight up classy and elegant and comfortable. It was everything we wanted it to be, maybe even more. We got a posh living room, spacious dining room and kitchen, as well as a homey bedroom that sure made us sleep like babies, so yeah, you could absolutely say we adored every corner of it!

As we have actually arrived in the late afternoon, upon checking in, we went up to our rooms, rested and just freshen up a bit, and then we headed downstairs to try out their Mongolian Lunch Buffet which is housed by their currently one and only restaurant, the Cambusa Bistro. We totally enjoyed making our own Mongolian Buffet as here we got to choose if we wanted to go for noods or rice, then choose our own veggies, meats, and even sauces, too. You wanna know what our only regret regarding this is? It is the fact that we did not go for another round, so yep, we encourage to go another round.

From then, we checked out what Subic Bay Yacht Club has to offer, other than an awesome dining concept and fabulous stay – and we are telling you – they have a lot! Subic Bay Yacht Club actually was exclusive to members only, but recently they finally opened their doors to the public, hence we finally get to see what they have inside.

Well, they got an amazing view – that’s what they undeniably have! They are a paradise with safe harbors and pristine waters. They also got a huge pool that guests could dip into as well as a kiddie pool on the far end. You also get to see a lot of yachts, of course. Some yachts are available for rent, so if you feel like living that dream of yours, then go on and rent one or maybe two!

Subic Bay Yacht Club is under a lot of renovations, but they got a gym, a salon, an entertainment place, and even function rooms or halls! We sure will be going back because we got a tour of what they are actually still working on and we are so excited for those. We so madly want to spill the beans already but of course we don’t want to break our promise to them so all we are going to tell you guys is they are working on a ton of grand things – they will be improving and remodeling and so much more you guys have to check and see for yourselves!

Anyway, from touring, we headed back to Cambusa Bistro and had a spectacular dinner made by their consultant chef, Chef Topher Duma. Cambusa Bistro is also revamping their menu, so they got a bunch of new dishes and that’s what we got to try and devour. From dinner, we went up to our rooms and snuggled ourselves in the comforts of our beds.

Morning came and we are once again filled with energy to go about our busy an at the same time exciting day! In preparation for their event that was the taste of the North: Food Fest, the breakfast buffet was temporarily placed in their Boathouse which also houses their different function rooms that can be availed.

For their breakfast buffet, we sure loaded up with their brekky options, because you know us, we love a hearty kickstarter for our day! They prepared an International spread alongside their trio breakfast staples that any Pinoy would love – tapa, tocino, and longganisa.

As soon as we finished our breakfast, we went for a quick swim because we are not going to say pass on their lovely pool, especially when the weather permits. The sun was up and we are up, so why would we even dare say no to a fun day out, right?

And then, in preparation for the main event which was the Taste of the North: Food Fest, of course, we fixed ourselves and got the Cambusa Bistro first because wanted to see what chef Topher Duma actually had us got excited for! Here, we got to taste different Ilocano food as that was the food hef Topher grew up with, not only eating, but actually cooking. This event was really amazing and sure was yummy!

Really, this weekend with Subic bay Yacht club was amazing. It is a destination that is worth the travel as you get to indulge in a lush vacation that is of elegant design, exquisite service, alongside warm hospitality.

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