Sugar & Spice — and everything yummy is your prize!

Spice up your life while delighting in some sweetness at the same time by treating yourself on a yummy date with Sugar & Spice. Sugar & Spice is an online food store that highlights freshly baked goodies that are not only made with premium ingredients, but also with love.

Their delectable selection consists of chicken wings, pasta, cakes, and breads. Yes, they got your meals for the whole day covered, so all you have to do is order and wait for all of it to arrive at the comfort of your home.

If you are looking into slurping your way through their pasta dishes, then do know that they have three different pasta dishes for you! They have Pomodoro with Meatballs (Php 255), Classic Carbonara (Php 255), and Spanish Sardines Pata with Sundried Tomato (Php 275). Sounds delicious, right? That’s because they are delicious!

Pair those pasta dishes with some crunch by munching on their chicken wings. These tasty treat comes in seven different flavors that would have you going handsy with them — Honey Garlic (Php 255), Classic Buffalo (Php 255), Garlic Parmesan (Php 255), Smokey Sriracha (Php 255), Honey Mustard (Php 255), Sticky Maple (Php 255), Honey Pesto (Php 255), and Bbq Blueberry Glaze (Php 255).

After having a great time with their pasta dishes and chicken wings, cap off your Sugar & Spice experience with something sweet. Their Cheesecake is a crowd favorite as this one comes in Classic (Php 1300) with Toppings (Php 1600) and Premium (Php 1800) with Toppings (Php 2100).

Sugar & Spice has so much more yummies just waiting to be snatched. Check out their Facebook and Instagram to know about their other products.

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