Summer is about to get way COOLER! Bonchon has introduced the newest dessert trend in the country! !

Summer is definitely here! For most people it’s that time of the year to be cheerful as they look forward again to hitting the beaches and resorts to cool off. It’s the perfect reason to pack the bags and just hit the road.

But how about those that cannot leave just yet? How you can you beat the summer heat without leaving the city?


We’ve got the perfect way to cool down with the newest dessert, Bonchon Ube Macapuno Bingsu!  Yes, Bonchon has now one of our favorite dessert as their newest flavor.  Ube or some call it as Purple Yam has been rising to popularity for quite some time now. It even manages to penetrate the international scene as it is now being commonly seen served as dessert or even part of savory dishes in the US.


This thick, full bodied and rich in flavor dessert doesn’t just sound delicious, in fact, it is absolutely mouth-watering and very fulfilling. Thus, one cannot resist devouring this hippie dessert the moment you take a bite into it. And that’s exactly how we felt when we tried Bonchon’s Ube Macapuno Bingsu, starting with its rich and luscious ube powder, giving our palettes something new and exciting to rave about!

Adding this local flavor to Bonchon’s Bingsu line up leveled up the game. Not only because it’s almost everyone’s favorite but because Bonchon did not certainly scrimp on the other ingredients such as creamy leche flan, macapuno bits, ube syrup, rice crispies, topped with delicious Milky Kreme. They are generously served on top of a bed of ultra – fine, powder-like, snow ice, making it the perfect iced dessert or snack to beat the summer heat.

What makes this more interesting is that one serving of this delightful treat is already good for sharing, and this is only P99.00! So worth it!  Bond over this delicious iced treat with your friends and family and make that dining experience extra special.

So bring on that summer heat because we are so summer ready with Bonchon’s scrumptious Ube Macapuno Bingsu that is sure pamper to your sweet tooth and fulfill your cold dessert cravings.

This limited offer Ube Macapuno flavor is available at all Bonchon branches. So stop thinking about it and grab one now. Indulge yourself with this yummy treat because you definitely deserve it.

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