Super Sunny Kitchen: Get ready for heavy trays of delicious lasagna coming your way!

Staying sunny is kind of hard these days, even though most of our days are literally sunny. If you are feeling a bit gloomy, and you feel like you need a little bit of sun in your life, then it’s good that you found your way here, because today we will be talking about Super Sunny Kitchen!

Super Sunny Kitchen is an online food delivery service that is located in San Antonio, Pasig, serving your favorites – Lasagnas and Desserts – differently, but definitely delectable! They are known for their Premium Lasagne Al Ragu Trays and that’s exactly the highlight that would turn your gloomy day into a sunny one.

Their Lasagne Al Ragu comes in two heavy sizes, the Regular (php 650) which is good for two to three people, and the Large (Php 1300) which is good for four to six people. This dish is of premium beef slow simmered in chunky tomato sauce with fresh basil, layered with creamy béchamel, parmesan, and topped with mozzarella cheese. There no denying that this pasta dish is as satisfying as you are imagining it to be, if not more.

Other than their highlight dish, Super Sunny Kitchen also has a number of sweet enders and let us just say that their Panna Cotta is one for you to try! This one is chilled cooked cream with toppings and delightful flavors that would cap off your meal in a lovely note. This dessert also has the right amount of sweetness, so this is also perfect for when you want something that is not in-your-face sweet. Super Sunny Kitchen only prepares a limited number of orders per batch so as to ensure the quality of their dishes – fresh out of the oven and then cooled enough to deliver!

Truly, their process had turned many people’s day into a happy and bright one, so if you want to experience that, then make sure to be in contact with them soon – either via Facebook or Instagram.

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