Surf’s up, Take Charge: Savor the waves of Siargao with Kermit Manila

Siargao has captured not only the hearts of the locals, but tourists as well, especially for surfers looking for a great adventure with the sea and its barreling waves, but be sure to be wearing more than just your boardies as there is more to Siargao than huge waves to conquer. People who have been to Siargao haven’t only made a buzz about the island itself, but what it has to offer; one of which is the best pizza and pasta which you will find in a restaurant owned by Gianni Grifoni, the Kermit Siargao.



Kermit was first established in the beautiful paradise known as Siargao, but is now taking over in Manila as it recently opened in Poblacion, Makati wherein the only thing missing is probably the feeling of sand between my toes and the saltiness in the air that I could almost taste.


Kermit Manila is definitely an extension of Kermit Siargao as the partners give their customers the same easy-going surfer-chill vibe that made me feel as if I was already in Siargao.


The thing is there are no waves to actually conquer in Kermit Manila, so what I conquered was their awesome Italian cuisine. First on my night of conquering Kermit Manila was one of their bestseller pizzas, the Cloud 9 (Php 460). Kermit is known for their DIY Neapolitan Pizza which will be made in front of you and baked in a brick oven. However, for Kermit Manila, customers have requested to have a list of pizza variants where they can choose from; and as I have mentioned, what I got to try was their Cloud 9 which has a wonderful soft, chewy dough that has a nice crunch once I bit into it. It was slathered with fresh tomato sauce topped with parma ham, mushroom, and gorgonzola.


This pizza is actually the one to thank for for the existence of Kermit Manila. One of the partners was honestly just visiting Siargao and had the chance to eat at Kermit back then. She wasn’t much of a fan of pizza but once she had a slice of Kermit’s pizza, she wasn’t able to stop herself from eating the whole pie. With this, she wanted to bring Kermit in the metro where she can have the pizza whenever she likes to and have other people try it out and fall in love with it, too.


Following that heavenly pizza was the Spaghetti alle Vongole (Php 320) which is classical Italian dish spaghetti with fresh clams bit spicy on an olive based sauce. Kermit prides itself in making sure their ingredients are really fresh and having to try this dish out definitely proved to me that their ingredients are not only fresh, but of quality as well.


Next I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu (Php 420) served with rosemary potato, arugula tossed in red wine vinaigrette, and a side of mustard dip that adds more flavor and texture to the chicken. The chicken was not dry which is how I like my chicken and the potatoes were well cooked.


After that, the Brasato al Vino Rosso con Spaghetti al Burro (Php540) was what I had. It is Argentinian meat stew cooked in red wine with spaghetti al burro. The beef was exquisite and is undeniably packed with flavor; which same goes with the pasta noodles itself. This one is actually one of my favorites and one of the partners’ favorite as well, so I guess that means two recommendations to try conquering this dish, too!

This food conquest absolutely filled me with carbs as I have eaten different variants of pasta dishes which I am in no way complaining because pasta is hands down a favorite of mine ever since!


Anyway, more onto conquering Kermit Manila, Tagliatelle alla Tartufata (Php 490) which is spinach tagliatelle coated with truffle-topped sauce and slices of parma ham which has made me do yummy noises because of its saltiness goodness reminded me of the sea and how they are both delightful.


Cozze e Gamberi with Squid Ink Tagliolini (Php 320) is fresh squid ink tagliolini pasta with mussels and shrimp in wine and cream sauce. This one was definitely not a pasta dish to be forgotten as it was rich in taste and the mussels along with shrimp were a perfect combination.


Lastly, one of my favorites was the Gamberi al “Crab Fat” with Fresh Tagliatelle (Php 580) topped with prawns cooked in crab fat as well. This was such a heaven to me as I could really taste the crab on the pasta. This one is certainly one of the reasons of my going back to Kermit Manila!

This being said Kermit Manila offers a lot of beverages as well, such as cocktails, which I got to try one – the Gin Basil Smash (Php 220). It has a fresh, somehow minty taste to it that made my stay there a little bit extra than it already was. Kermit Manila also offers a different menu from Kermit Siargao as each establishment has exclusive dishes of its own.

DSC05838Kermit Manila doesn’t only house an open air bar on the ground floor, a spacious dining area on the second floor with stylish stools, couches, and tables, but they also adapted Kermit Siargao’s bean bag chair concept which they call chill out part. However, for Kermit Manila, they have soft cushions you can sit on as you relax and bond with people dear to you.

As the chill vibe was built upon the intimacy of Siargao’s surfing community, Kermit Manila has hosted surfing events launches where everyone can also purchase the Gwapitos apparel. With this, I have a scoop to share to you: Kermit Manila is cooking something up as they will be having a Halloween party this October which you can get more details from their social media accounts! See? I told you to dress up more than just your boardies because Kermit Manila surely has more than just waves for you to conquer as not only the adventurous ones can have a fun time here, but also artists can get their art featured in one of their walls, too!


Be with the waves or surmount them together with Kermit Manila at 4636 Molina Street; Poblacion, Makati; 1210 Metro Manila.

Address: 4636 Molina Street, Pobalacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Contact number: 0917 625 6773

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Saturdays, 5PM to 1AM, Sunday 11AM to 12AM

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