Taal Vista Hotel: Incomparable View, Comfort and Great Tasting Dishes in the Heart of the Famous City

When you’re in Tagaytay there are plenty of things to do and several places to explore. But after a long and tiring day wouldn’t it be nice to relax in one of the best hotels that the city has to offer?

Being one of the first hotel in Tagaytay which was built in 1939, Taal Vista Hotel has been through countless generations and gone through many transitions.

If you’re a local of Tagaytay you will notice how this hotel started as a small one and progressed into one of the biggest hotel in the city.

Luckily, we’re one of the many to experience its comfort and appreciate its beauty.  But what does Taal Vista Hotel offers that you won’t find with others?


For one, they’ve got the most glorious view of the Taal Volcano. Its beauty is merely within your reach as the hotel is strategically positioned facing this famous volcano. If you get lucky, you can even view it within the comfort of your bed.


A stunning view that you’ll have no problem appreciating through their very spacious viewing deck. It’s like a park in the clouds when you’re here on a rainy and very cold day with fog all over the place.


Taal Vista offers a classy and yet sophisticated feel of the lobby which makes you feel nostalgic but at the same time making you feel at home right away.


Upon stepping foot in your room, you’ll be greeted with this delicious pastry and complimentary fruits. One bite is all it takes for us to fall in love with this unique and delectable cake.


The hotel’s room and accommodation provides you more than enough space and necessary toiletries and items to get you through your stay without any hassle.


Surprisingly, despite having a cold weather in Tagaytay you wouldn’t be able to resist dipping at their long and gorgeous swimming pool.


One of the many awesome feature that this hotel offers is that they have their own clothing and boutique store through Kultura.  Here you can buy all the souvenirs, memorabilia and other collector’s item that you won’t find anywhere else.



Taal Vista also got their very own bakeshop which they called the Cake Shop in which it houses different cakes for all types of occasions. Having your wedding, reception or debut won’t be a problem as they’ve got everything you need to make that special day in your life perfect.




What’s also utterly interesting about this hotel is that they grow their own vegetables right at their own backyard. They actually have two of these which supplies them with fresh fruits and vegetables for their restaurants.

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