Taal Vista Hotel pampered us with their In-Room Dining

We honestly had a long day when we stayed at Taal Vista Hotel recently. As much as we wanted to try out their food outlets for our first dinner, we just could not bring ourselves out of our room, especially because we already got a taste of their soft and comfortable beds. 

Taal Vista Hotel In-Room Dining

That said, good thing Taal Vista Hotel has an in-room dining option that we made use of. We also decided to eat a bit lighter for this night because we really had a long day and we just wanted a few dishes to get us through the night. 

Cream of Pumpkin with Cheese
Caesar Salad

Although, to be honest, Taal Vista Hotel did not just serve us anything that would get us through the night, because they made sure that they were also delicious. Their Cream of Pumpkin with Cheese as well as their Caesar Salad teased us into digging more into them. They were no doubt yummy and tasty. 

Clubhouse Sandwiches

We then followed those with their plate of Clubhouse Sandwiches which honestly had us biting and gobbling each until we had none anymore. These were satisfying and flavorful as each sandwich has generous spreads and filling inside. 

Margherita Pizza

Another dish of Taal Vista Hotel that got us going handsy is none other than their Margherita Pizza which is a classic pizza flavor that is actually a favorite of ours. Nothing could really beat a classic, that’s what we were thinking while enjoying each slice of this pizza.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Last, but definitely not the least, is their Spaghetti Bolognese which had us babying a round full belly by this point. We absolutely had a great time slurping it as it was also flavorsome. 

Taal Vista Hotel’s In-Room Dining really ended our night on an appetizing note. They also gave us a friend that we cuddled with through the night: Tudor the Bear

Taal Vista Hotel In-Room Dining

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