Taal Vista Hotel’s The Veranda guarantees gratifying meals every time

Taal Vista Hotel is the second oldest hotel in the Philippines. They have not only catered to a lot of distinguished guests throughout the years, but also they have gone through the test of times—from earthquakes, to wars, and even the recent pandemic. Surely, Taal Vista Hotel has established itself as a wonderful hotel ready for their guests’ every need, including food.

The Veranda at Taal Vista Hotel

Taal Vista Hotel currently has three in-house food outlets within their vicinity, one of which is The Veranda, a spacious and lovely restaurant that has a scenic view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. The Veranda is dedicated to providing a dining experience that is of only the highest quality.

Veranda Salad

That said, indulge in a memorable meal at The Veranda with your friends and family by starting with their Veranda Salad (Php 420). This is a refreshing bowl of romaine, red, and green leaf lettuce, carrots, jicama, parmesan cheese, pineapple citrus vinaigrette, and local ricotta.

Inihaw na Talakitok

You can follow that with The Veranda’s main dishes. We suggest checking out their Heirloom selection, especially if what you are looking for are classic Filipino favorites. Their Inihaw na Talakitok (Php 830) is a tasty plate of grilled trevally fish, boiled mustard leaves, fermented rice, and shrimp sauteed with ripe tomatoes.

Pyanggang Baka

If you want something savory and saucy, though, then you better be ready for their Pyanggang Baka (Php 650) which is braised beef in Tausug blackened coconut curry, and turmeric rice; as well as their Pineapple Chicken (Php 650) which is braised chicken in pineapple juice and coconut milk with red and green peppers, carrots, and ginger, and steamed rice. These will no doubt fill you in no time!


Other than that, of course, The Veranda is also big on Tagaytay’s signature dish! Their Bulalo (Php 870) is a homey and hearty bowl of braised beef shanks, rich broth, corn, pechay, alongside other vegetables. We are telling you, it’s so good to sip on this with the cool Tagaytay breeze!

Fresh Fruits Platter

After having the time of your life with The Veranda’s savories, don’t think twice about reaching for their sweets too! Their Fresh Fruits Platter (Php 300) is a healthy and yummy way to end your meal as this is a plate of assorted fresh local fruits in season.

The Veranda at Taal Vista Hotel

However, if what you want is something rich and sweet, then you can pair your dishes with The Veranda’s tasty and refreshing Chocolate Shake (Php 250) and Cookies and Cream Shake (Php 250). They also have some healthy quenchers up for grabs—their Good for You (Php 290) is exactly what its name suggests because this is a delectable mix of yellow and green mango, strawberry yogurt, and honey.

The Veranda at Taal Vista Hotel

The Veranda of Taal Vista Hotel is also where they house their breakfast buffet. If you are interested to know how ours went, you can check that out here. If you are curious what is waiting for you at Taal Vista Hotel, then feel free to visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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