Bagnet 4 Ways Recipe

Bagnet is a popular dish here in the Philippines that originated from Ilocos. It is pork belly boiled until its outside is brown and crispy, and its meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful. Eating this is as sumptuous as you imagine it to be. That’s why it is often served during fiestas, parties, or even intimate gatherings between friends and families.  Bagnet is amazing as … Continue reading Bagnet 4 Ways Recipe

Bagoong Fried Rice Recipe

We have shared with you a lot of bagoong based dishes such as Spicy Chicken Binagoongan and Crispy Binagoongang Bagnet which come on, be honest, you loved! These two binagoongang dishes are a testament as to how versatile bagoong could be. Its smell could be intimidating and a tad bit off-putting, yes, but do not deny how wondrous it could be! It makes a dish … Continue reading Bagoong Fried Rice Recipe

Spicy Chicken Binagoongan Recipe

The Filipino cuisine is absolutely magical. There are a lot of recipes that other people are not much a fan of or honestly just not familiar with, but once they got a taste of, then will they start appreciating them. The dishes we are talking about often times have ingredients that are more commonly used by Filipinos hence other people, such as tourists, take time … Continue reading Spicy Chicken Binagoongan Recipe

Monalisa Kitchen celebrates more than just Filipino comfort food

Businesses have been trying their best to adapt and adjust for over a year now. Many have decided to close for the time being while a lot was also able to make things work. Other than established businesses thriving, new ones have also taken the risk to open amidst this global pandemic – like Monalisa Kitchen. Monalisa Kitchen started around the last quarter of last … Continue reading Monalisa Kitchen celebrates more than just Filipino comfort food