Beef Caldereta Recipe

Although what we have for you today is actually a well-known Filipino recipe, we still could not contain our excitement from sharing it with you guys! Beef Caldereta is one of our absolutely top favorite Filipino dishes out there! We love every little thing about this dish – the oh-so-tender and delicious beef, the lovely variance of vegetables it has, and the thick tomato based … Continue reading Beef Caldereta Recipe

Monalisa Kitchen celebrates more than just Filipino comfort food

Businesses have been trying their best to adapt and adjust for over a year now. Many have decided to close for the time being while a lot was also able to make things work. Other than established businesses thriving, new ones have also taken the risk to open amidst this global pandemic – like Monalisa Kitchen. Monalisa Kitchen started around the last quarter of last … Continue reading Monalisa Kitchen celebrates more than just Filipino comfort food

Celebrate everyday with Hotdish!

Hotdish is dedicated in cooking and delivering delicious and affordable Filipino-Asian inspired delicacies so as to make real food for everyday celebrations. Indeed, Hotdish is here to make your typical day turn into a feast filled with yummies you would not be able to say no to. A packed menu is an understatement to say as they really are offering a wide variance of dish … Continue reading Celebrate everyday with Hotdish!

Easy Shrimp Caldereta Recipe

Caldereta is one of the many top tier Filipino food that we just can’t help ourselves with when it is served in front of us! Beef cuts simmered to mouth-watering tenderness in tomato sauce that has the right hint of spice, alongside sliced pieces of potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and sometimes even green olives – this classic Filipino stew is great for family meals and … Continue reading Easy Shrimp Caldereta Recipe