Pinaputok na Tilapia Recipe

You know what we love about our very own cuisine? It is how we are able to bring a rich flavor into something that is subtle but delectable too. The Filipino cuisine is known for its bursting-with-flavor characteristic. We undeniably have a thing for condiments and spices when it comes to cooking and of course, eating. As that is the case, today we are bringing … Continue reading Pinaputok na Tilapia Recipe

Tinapa Fried Rice Recipe

Something’s fishy and it’s all for you guys! Don’t worry, it’s not something that would have your face scrunching up, but rather you are going to even dig into, indulge in it, and surely finish it in record-breaking time! That’s how confident we are that you are going to enjoy what we have for you today because it is a yummy and filling starter that’s … Continue reading Tinapa Fried Rice Recipe

Ginataang Tilapia Recipe

We have been going coco loco over all the fried food we have been eating the past days! We want something different for a change – something maybe milky, maybe coconutty. With that, we looked back at all our previous recipes we have shared with you guys and we realized we haven’t shown you one of our favorites yet – our Ginataang Tilapia Recipe! Our … Continue reading Ginataang Tilapia Recipe

Catch these Special Crispy Bangus only from Bang Bang Bangus

No need to worry about the fish bones pricking you and ruining your enjoyable meal time when what you have on your table is Bang Bang Bangus, because what they are all about is providing special crispy bangus. Bang Bang Bangus puts the spotlight on their abundant selection of crispy boneless bangus that are all tasty, healthy, and of course, hearty! Truly, Bang Bang Bangus’ … Continue reading Catch these Special Crispy Bangus only from Bang Bang Bangus