Beef Bicol Express Recipe

Here we are again, serving you yet another delicious version of Bicol Express. Ever since we have learned how to cook, we have been in love with classic Filipino dishes that use coconut milk because it makes the whole dish creamy, flavorful, and oh-so-luscious. Hence, we instantly got hooked with Bicol Express and tried different versions of it; and so every time we find a … Continue reading Beef Bicol Express Recipe

Chicken Bicol Express

Chicken Bicol Express Recipe

Ready for an adventure today? You better be because we got one just sitting in our kitchen at this very moment ready to be explored! Bicol Express is what we have for you today but it isn’t the usual one with pork for protein, because today’s Bicol Express is actually Chicken Bicol Express. Bicol Express is a popular Filipino stew consisting of, as we have … Continue reading Chicken Bicol Express Recipe

Spicy Canned Tuna Sisig Recipe

One of the most popular dish that Filipino cuisine has been widely recognized for is Sisig. This dish originated from the culinary capital of the Philippines – Pampanga. Usually made from parts of pig head and chicken liver, usually seasoned with calamansi, onions and chili peppers, this extra delectable dish surely made rounds not only within the whole country but in other countries as well. … Continue reading Spicy Canned Tuna Sisig Recipe

Better check out what’s delectably new at Muang Thai!

From hardcore traditional Thai cuisine, Muang Thai has a whole new revamped space and menu offering that is now of modernity that is sure to be fresh to the eyes and to the taste while of course still respecting its roots for a much better service and vibe that would be great for any eat out. Muang Thai has been serving folks craving for Thai … Continue reading Better check out what’s delectably new at Muang Thai!

When in Naga, be sure to have a yummy jammin’ sesh with Bob Marlin

It was the day we wished to hopefully just stay at bay, not come, you know? But of course, like everything in the world, our enchanting Caramoan trip has to end and that is this day when we are about to have our cute tushies on our seats for hours and hours on end as we commute back to the hustle and bustle of Manila. … Continue reading When in Naga, be sure to have a yummy jammin’ sesh with Bob Marlin