Spamsilog Burrito

Spamsilog Burrito Recipe

Silogs are a popular breakfast choice here in the Philipines and it comes in different variants. Filipinos love this dish because they love a heavy breakfast and Silogs definitrly are heavy on the belly, plus it comes in a variety of delicious options too such as Tapsilog, Tocilog, Hotsilog, among others. Each Silog meal is composed of a meat, an egg, a hearty serving of … Continue reading Spamsilog Burrito Recipe

Meanne’s Homemade Salsa – a great homemade find!

When you come across a Tortilla snack sitting on a grocery shelf you will most definitely go buy a Salsa or a dip to go along with it.  Oftentimes, it will the brand Tostitos, may it be their Salsa or their Cheese dip it’s a great choice for any tortilla chips. But last week, everything changed, when I received a delivery from Kusina Organika. I initially … Continue reading Meanne’s Homemade Salsa – a great homemade find!