Takami – A new twist to the well-loved Japanese dishes.

Japanese food has always been a part of my list of cravings whenever I’m in the mood to pig out.  My appetite for these dishes has always been enormous and I honestly can’t understand why.

So when we received an invite from Lianne – one of the owner of Takami, my heart skip a beat at the thought of my favorite food running through my mind.


Takami was derived from the Japanese word itself that means – Excellent Idea and from the Tagalog word – Takam.  The family behind this fantastic food venture is now reaping the fruit of their labor as more and more customers enjoys and gets satisfied by their japanese food offerings.

Lianne, who I must say is the brain behind Takami happily assisted and served us along with her very accommodating sister and mother.

The first dish that they serve was from one of their Signature Gyoza, which is the Beef Bulgogi.


This is one of their best-sellers aside from the Buffalo Chicken variant.  It’s crunchy and zesty flavor plus the generous amount of meat gave a whole new twist to the traditional gyoza.    I instantly fell in love with it.


Next, is their own version of a Japanese Pizza – Cheesy Bacon Okonomiyaki.  We actually watched in amazement as the bonito flakes keeps on moving at the top of it.

When I took a bite, I couldn’t get myself to stop until I finish the piece I was holding.  It was really scrumptious and flavorful.


Lastly, they served one of their torched Teppanyakis – the Cheesy Beef Gyudon.

It was very interesting to watch as they torched the meal in front of us.  They said doing so, would add more flavor and will make the taste cheesier.

And yes, they were absolutely right.  With the ample amount of cheese, tender and tasty meat paired with our favorite white rice, it was a complete meal that could easily satisfy your Japanese food cravings.

Truly, Takami’s Japanese offerings is worth driving for despite the distance and the heavy rains we had to faced that day.

We would surely come back to The Yard one of these days and will definitely try Takami’s other dishes on their menu.

Takami is at The Yard at Xavierville
Address: 83 Xavierville Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 4PM to 12 Midnight

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