Take a break with Mi Cafe Padres, San Pablo City, Laguna’s go-to cafe

It can’t be denied how people love cafes nowadays, regardless if you actually drink coffee. You sure have been to a café or two, and we get it, because we, too, love the vibe a café provides. It’s calming, refreshing even, and certainly a great place to just take a moment, breathe, do a bit of reading, or whatever that soothes your tired bones and restless soul.

And you know what? You prolly don’t, because we have yet to tell you; we found a café in San Pablo, Laguna that indeed got our hearts beating alongside the hearts of the people near the area, because apparently, they are well-loved! Mi Café Padres opened two years ago when Bryan, the owner, thought of giving his carwash customers a waiting place, so that they don’t get bored and can do other things while their cars are still being cleaned.

From that, guess what?! Well, no time for guessing really, because we are going to tell you now! Bryan did not expect that people will be opening their arms – and mouths – with so much more than a warm welcome and we get it and you are about to get it, too!

Unlike other cafes, Mi Café Padres actually make their own beans. Yes, you read that right, they have their own beans, hence they have their own plantation, too. The beans they produce are Robusta and Liberica and they are planning to give their customers the experience to actually make their own coffee as well, so you better watch out for that, especially if you are a coffee fan!

Since Mi Café Padres is a café, let’s start with their drinks, shall we? They have a ton of drinks for you to sip, drink, and just gulp down as their drinks range from hot drinks, iced coffee, frappe, smoothies, to refreshments, and even iced teas.

To wake us up, we started with a few of their hot drinks. Their Popcorn Latte (Php 115), that with just its name will right away pique your curiosity and interest, is such a delectable twist on the typical latte we usually get to have on cafes.

Next to that is another rave-worthy latte variant by Mi Café Padres. This one will indeed have matcha lovers say they are a matcha made in heaven – and that of match of theirs is none other than Mi Café Padres’ Matcha Latte (Php 115).

And of course, having to get a sip of their hot drinks, we opted to go for their cold ones as well, specifically two from their Frappes. The Cotton Candy Frappe (Php 155) was something that reminded us of our childhood. Let’s just say, it made us reconnect with the carefree, cheerful kid that was in our hearts.

Choco Wafer Frappe (Php 160)

Another one that gave us a wonderful time was their Choco Wafer Frappe (Php 160). It sure got our chocoholic side satisfied in each and every sip, especially as this one comes with a wafer stuck right into the drink itself.

With a bunch of drinks to actually try and having to really grab more than just a single or two of those, we paired those drinks with some sweet treats like their Leche Flan (Php 190). This one is homemade, topped with macapuno, and is one of the many things Mi Café Padres takes pride in.

Meanwhile, for their Cakes, we got to try their bestseller which was the Blueberry Cheesecake (Php 155/ slice). Their cakes are actually outsourced from Purple Oven, so you sure are getting a delectable slice of surprise!

This café part is the one that started all this food adventure that is Mi Café Padres. Although, they really started with just carwash, Mi Café Padres is now of three different dining concepts – café, restaurant, bar and steakhouse.

Follow Mi Cafe Padres on their Social Media pages

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/micafepadres/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/micafepadres/

Address: 1-A Manuel L. Quezon St., San Pablo City, Laguna

Contact Number: 0977 284 0221

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 7AM to 10PM

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