Take a classic turn for your snacking time with Jiana’s Puto-Pao by Aling Nene’s

If you are going to ask us, we think puto is one of the many underrated Filipino delicacies. We think it is time for puto to be in the spotlight, so we are so happy and excited when we found Jiana’s Puto-Pao by Aling Nene’s!

Jiana’s Puto-Pao by Aling Nene’s is all about bringing back the original Puto from Laguna and we think they are no doubt doing a great job in that. With branches in Caltex SLEX Northbound as well as in Total SLEX Northbound, they sure are now getting the attention of not only the locals, but also the visiting tourists that are on an exploration. Other than their branches, people have also been buzzing about their products as they are now operation online too.

Speaking of their product offerings, Jiana’s Puto-Pao by Aling Nene’s currently is consisted of not one, not even two nor three, but rather six delectable, addicting Puto-Pao variants that are not only sweet, but savory too. So, if what you want is a break from the typical snacks you are having and want to go for a more classic, traditional take, then these Puto-Paos are the ones you should be checking out.

Start off with their Puto Pao (Php 120) then follow that up with their Puto Pao with Salted Egg (Php 120). Both of these variants come in a Box of 9, so you need not to worry if you have friends over and you want them tp have a taste, too. Another one that you could have is their Puto Cake (Php 120) which is available in a Box of 20.

If you want to amp up your puto gaming, though, then better grab their variants that are of ube like their Ube Puto Flan (Php 120) and their Ube Halaya Pao (Php 120) which are both available in a Box of 9, as well as Ube Puto Cake (Php 120) which is up for a Box of 20.

All these puto yummies will surely hit both your savory and sweet craving so there is no reason for you to look elsewhere. Just focus all your snacking energy on Jiana’s Puto-Pao by Aline Nene’s and you will surely be solved! Check them out on their Facebook and Instagram Pages, because they could also cater to your event and special occasion needs.

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