Take A Delicious Break With Ribbonette’s Bakeshoppe

Days are going fast and if we are being totally honest, October went like a blink. Truly, the world doesn’t stop spinning even if you take a break and as much as that thought is scary, do know that you can always go back to whatever it is that you chose to take a rest from. That being said, make sure to really recuperate when you give yourself the kind of breather that you really deserve.

For us, though, the kind of breather we undeniably enjoy is being surrounded by good food, obviously! So if you are like us and you want to indulge in the comfort and warmth that a good food can only offer, then we suggest you go for goodies from Ribbonette’s Bakeshoppe as they are known to be satisfying pastry cravings for years already.

Ribbonette’s Bakeshoppe has been in a number of Filipino homes bringing deliciousness and enjoyment in the form of a box of delectable treats! Their Hopias are a crowd favorite as these circular yummies have always been all about freshness; quality; and consistency in flavor, texture, and even aroma! You could either go for their classic flavors such as Hopia Baboy and Hopia Monggo.

Aside from their Hopias, Ribbonette’s Bakeshoppe is also known for their Eggpie as this one has brought goodness in every home it has visited. With its soft and creamy texture alongside its mouthwatering and scrumptious taste, you surely will find yourself reaching for more than just a slice all the while sharing the whole pie with your dear friends and family.

Speaking of another shareable treat from Ribbonette’s Bakeshoppe, their Hokkaido Cheese Roll is also a great choice! With a thick strip of cheese, this soft and luscious pastry has the perfect blend of sweet and salty which is totally crave-worthy!

Ribbonette’s Bakeshoppe is really out here putting a smile on people’s faces as they continue to be a part of homes and be called a favorite by a lot of people. Check out more of their products on their Facebook and Instagram to find out what you could have next!

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