Take a luscious journey with MK Cookies and Cakes

MK Cookies and Cakes is all about the 3Cs — Cookies, Cakes, and Confections. Do you have a huge sweet tooth to fill? MK Cookies and Cakes will surely fill that right up for you. Their offerings vary from Cookies, Tin Can Cakes, Round Cakes, and even Cheesecakes, so whatever it is you need to reach your much loved sugar high, they most probably have it!

Easing your way into a sweet adventure, you can maybe start with their Cookies that are usually available on hand such as their Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies (Php 100) and Oreo Cheesecake Cookies (Php 110). These ones are absolutely delightful and addicting, we are telling you, so perhaps go easy on these if you still want to have room for other delectable treats by MK Cookies and Cakes.

As you bite your way into their lovely cookies, don’t forget to pick up some Revel Bites (Php 150) on the side, too. This one is a great power booster when you are feeling a bit under the weather. Its chunky, chewy, chocolatey, and fudgy attitude will have you going at it like you only have a day to live.

After snacking on those easy-to-love goodies by MK Cookies and Cakes, make way for another promise of a good time that are usually available on hand, too, and those are their Tin Can Cakes!

Each Tin Can Cake is all about layers and layers of sumptuous, feel-good yumminess you won’t be able to say no to, so go on and scoop your way through their Luscious Chocolate Tin Can Cake (Php 390), their Tres Leches Con Chocolate Tin Can Cake (Php 400), and their Ube de Leche Tin Can Cake (Php 320).

No doubt that MK Cookies and Cakes is indeed the sweet journey you will want to take over and over again. You can either go for their Cookies and Tin Can Cakes or you can also go for their other delicious an dexciting offerings.

If you want a number cake or maybe you have a cake design in mind, you can also send them a message on their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more information. Open Monday to Sunday, from 10AM to 7PM, you can pick up your MK Cookies and Cakes treats at 5 Miranda, Taytay, Rizal or you can also book a rider to have your orders delivered at your doorstep.

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