Take an adventure to the North with Ilocos Best

You all know our palate loves classic Filipino dishes so us saying we enjoy tasting flavors of the north surely is not surprising. With that, we thank the heavens for giving us Ilocos Best which puts the spotlight on traditional Ilocos delicacies that are definitely close to our hearts!

Ilocos Best has actually received the Quality Excellence Award which they rightfully deserved since they see to it that they really are offering only the best quality products they could provide. Their products are no doubt well-loved by many because not only are they of top quality, but also all of it are flavorful and truly hits the cravings of people for some Ilocos flavors.

Curious what their products are? Today is your lucky day then because we are here to explore it all for you! Their Crispy Bagnet (500g Php 350) is not called crispy for nothing! This one is a crowd favorite all thanks to its crispy skin and tender and juicy meat. Each bite is like a promise of Ilocos adventure that you have been wanting to have ever since you got some cabin fever for staying at home most of your days.

Following that is another meaty journey from Ilocos Best and that is their Bacon Bagnet (Php 370) which is such a wonderful familiar twist to the classic Bagnet. We love having this in the morning so as to treat ourselves for a sumptuous getaway that we know we deserve!

Speaking of starting our days in a splendid way. Another product of Ilocos Best that could do that trick is their Garlic Longganisa (Half Kilo Php 240 | One Kilo Php 450)! These almost oval-shaped Filipino sausages are absolutely oozing with flavor which just automatically make our rather bland days more exciting.

Ilocos Best really knows what they are doing as the Seal of Quality Excellence is not their only award, because they are a People’s Choice Philippines Awardee as well! Truly, Ilocos Best, the work they do, and their products are just undeniably amazing so make sure to get your hands on at least one! You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram, and when you are ready to order, their Order Form is always available.

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