Take comfort in these Restaurant-Grade Frozen Dim sum only from Jetlay’s Kitchenette

Dim sum will always have us jumping for joy! It’s just one of our many comfort food and we will not get tired of saying it to you so you will decide to try it and love it as much as we do. Dim sum are even versatile as we get to love it all up as is and we can also pair it with rice so as to have a delicious full meal.

With dumplings snatching our hearts as swift as we can say “Yummy!”, we are so happy to have stumbled upon Jetlay’s Kitchenette, because they have a bunch of dim sum up for grabs. Jetlay’s Kitchenette offers restaurant-grade homemade frozen dim sum at its finest which can be delivered at our very doorstep.

That being said, we surely wasted no time and got ourselves a number of tasty and filling dim sum! We first hoarded two classic siomai variants — their Pork Siomai (20 pieces per pack Php 260) and their Pork and Shrimp Siomai (20 pieces per pack Php 280) which both come with free chili sauce and is made with pure meat, no extender and no preservatives.

As we truly, enjoyed those two siomai choices, we opted for another one — their Pork Century Egg with Seaweeds Siomai (12 pieces per pack Php 300) which also comes with chili sauce. This siomai pick is unlike any other siomai we have tried and certainly, we loved every mouthful of this.

Other than these delicious siomai choices, Jetlay’s Kitchenette also has other dim sum and of course, we got a few of those too. We made sure to get their Sharksfin Dumplings (20 pieces per pack Php 270) and their Beancurd Rolls (15 pices per tub Php 360). These two were so good, especially because we got to munch on these with some spice as these come with chili sauces as well.

Jetlay’s Kitchenette really wowed us with their dim sum spread, so make sure to check them out to find out more about their crave-worthy selection. Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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